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ANIMATION! - a useful tool for your fundraising

In early 2012, a group from the Global Support Team came together to see how we could help equip Constellation members to carry out fundraising to fund their travel and attendance at the Global Learning Festival. One of our strategies was to encourage groups to come together and hold creative fundraising events - anything ranging from dinners to fun runs to flash mobs!

We were lucky enough to come across Michael, an artist based in UK who had a dream to build his first ANIMATION video. Michael volunteered to work with us, and has put endless hours into developing a first-cut video. Click Here to see it!

We welcome you feedback in the comments box below. WIth your constructive feedback the video can be improved so it is ready for use in 2013.

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Comment by Virgilio Suande on November 30, 2012 at 8:42am

Hi Michael

The video is so amazing, with clear message around the use of strengths to make a measurable progress.

I would suggest  to use the word  this is our story rather than happy story?  So we feel the own ship of what we leave in the constellation,

As we talk about HIV, Malaria, Conflict , domestic violence, is it possible to include the word and other community concerns so that it is more open  and allow the diversity of community concerns.

I love the Video



Virgilio suande


Comment by Sanghamitra Iyengar on November 29, 2012 at 1:45pm

I think it is excellent!! I just loved it! So simple and yet powerful! And good just as it is....

If one really needs to add, then, there could be something about  a chain of responses that come out of sharing... one action in one community triggering one in another..... this strengthens the case for communities coming together...and maybe Judith or Arthur could add a short story

And... the starts whether they could be travel across the screen instead of in a circle... that could communicate that the constellation is open,,,,,

Comment by Kristin Bodiford on November 29, 2012 at 1:10pm

This is really wonderful. I love the people figures. I stayed engaged the whole video and didn't drift. 

I had two points in the video I was curious about. The first was when you shared stories of stars. I loved seeing those and know the importance of key people leading efforts. I was wondering though if the images could reflect the community of people working alongside/with these stars. For example with Lulu's image, can you put lots of people images with her? Same with Namara and Judith's slide? 

The second thing I was wondering about was whether you could list some other ways people could get involved in addition to raising money. I loved how fun you made raising money - and simple. Are there other things people could do in addition? It also might be useful (you may have done this) to talk about why supporting this with financial contributions is important, how might it support or expand what people/communities can do? 

Great work! 

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