A strong determination story from 33 years old married woman who support her family in Covid19 lockdown_SALT CONVERSATION.

Hi everyone, I’m Ujana Minj.  I work with Rural Aid NGO with support from Global Fund for Children is in Alipurduar District, Kalchini Block, State of West Bengal, India. We work in the tea gardens on the issue of trafficking and child labour. We recently started using SALT in our work.  Here is story from my SALT visit.

A story was shared from the life of 33 years old married woman, who lived with her 2 children and husband in the tea garden of Kalchini Block, Alipurduar District.  It was during the time of pandemic lockdown, where her husband has to stop doing job as a driver and her family was totally dependence on her husband job, even at that time she lost her mother a few weeks ago. Her family were running on hard times to earn and support her family                

With such hard situation, she took her decision to work out of home as house maid and support her children and family. When she started working out of home, the people of her community has start to thinking negative question of her work such “at the time of lockdown what kind of work she is doing, either prostitute or any other else in her community"

When she heard about it, she was in grief with pain but she took decision whatsoever people think about her, she will  focus more on her work because she has believe that she was doing right things for her family.  So she didn’t bother about the community people and keep on support her husband, children and even her own mother’s family through her work.  Though it hard times for her from lower thinking of community and lockdown, with her positive thinking , self determination, bonding trust of her husband and family support she was able come out of such situation. If anyone in replace of her in such situation will quite the job in the midst of lockdown the situation of his/her family will be very worse stage.

When I shared about her strengths and quality she was so happy and feels relieved herself.

Her Strengths –

  • Loving and caring towards her family.
  • Positive thinking
  • Patience
  • Avoid the negative
  • Determination


She feels relieve herself by sharing the proud story what she has done for her family. As she said, “no matter whatever the people thought at back, if a person has a determination to do nothing can stop him / her to be successes.” She will continue to work and support her family.

From this SALT conversation, it builds a relationship and attachment and creates the way to talk with her whenever. She used to talk and share about herself and community which were not before. It indicates to fulfil of our dream of sustainable community.  As a facilitator, we should be like salt which give us taste in food.  Unless, the salt is can’t dissolve it cannot give taste flavour for food.  So likewise, unless we can’t dissolve with community, the community cannot taste us the flavour of our love, concerns and trust on us.

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Comment by Bhakynti Tangsong on November 24, 2021 at 7:32pm
What an inspiring story Ujana! Hats off to this lady who went against all odds to fulfill her family needs. Yes, it's true we should all be like SALT and learn to appreciate the little efforts ones put. I believe after an interaction with you this lady is only looking forward. Thank you for sharing this!


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