2nd SALT visit by CLC Nepal_Group 2 with YKAP

13 June 2013

at NFWLHA office,Dhobighat,Nayabato,Sanepa,Nepal

Today was our 2nd SALT visit.Before this visit,Bobby Ghimire had already introduced us about YKAP through email. Also as we already had our 1st SALT visit with LGBTI group we were mentally prepared for our 2nd SALT visit.

All members of CLC Nepal_Group 2 and YKAP members reached at the NFWLHA office by 10 am.The environment was very cool.

Before formal starting of program we had friendly conversation with YKAP members. Bobby Ghimire started the program with short introduction about CLC team.He also added about our (CLC team) aim to have this visit.He mentioned that we came here to learn from them because we all are in unlearning process.Then we had short introduction about ourselves to make environment friendly.

As we were already aware of YKAP it was easy for us to question them and be focused on their strengths.

Strengths of YKAP

  • Youth
  • Being from 5 different background(Young Drug Users,Young Sex Workers,Young Migrants,LGBTI,PLHIV) work in the common issue i.e. HIV
  • Platform to show their leadership, sharing learning and self discloser.
  • Got same aim, goal and vision.
  • Publishing newsletter for their visibility.(Already published 2 editions and 3rd on the pipeline)
  • Organize training for their own capacity building
  • No discrimination
  • Confident  and experience in support
  • Developed social heart
  • Self committed
  • Self motivated
  • United/dispersed
  • Developing their community by using social network.
  • Creative mind

Issues of YKAP

  • Common issue i.e HIV
  • Other issues such as citizenship issue to youth affected by HIV after death of their parents.

YKAP proud of

  • YKAP provides a platform for sharing,learning and update on YKAP issues.

At the end of program, we appreciated their strength.We also told them that our CLC team is proud of them and their work such as publishing newsletters which is great motivation to show their creativity.

Then we had breakfast together.

After this,CLC team had an AAR and we left.

AAR was focused on

1. What went well and why?

2. What can we do differently?

 3. How did we work as a (SALT) team?  

Thank you ...it was great experience..I'll upload pictures soon.


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