2nd Face -to- face session_CLC Nepal

14 June 2013

At UN house, Pulchowak, Nepal

Today was our 2nd face to face session. I was very happy to see all friends of CLC Nepal again .I was so excited to know what I shall learn and share today. I could feel that most persons were ready and anxious to begin the day's activity. Well, this is a good thing to be curious to learn and share more.

As usual we started with registration. All were happy to meet Ritu. The session was started by Ritu asking us to tell something about ourselves that others don't know. Many of the participants share their secrets. Well, it was quite interesting. 

The session followed by sharing our experience related to SALT either negative or positive. It seems every participant were very honest to their answers. We were asked to share more about our results after SALT visit.

After this, Ruben asked the participants to write what colors are they and paste their answers on the board. This was really a great idea to show the variety within us.

Lunch was great.

After lunch Ritu restarted the session, Our volunteer energizer (Nischal, Bobby and Sagar) did some entertaining games which was very useful to make participants refresh. As we all know, usually people feel asleep after lunch, so such energizing games were very good.

A video prepared by the constellation was shown. Ritu continued the session with describing the cycle of CLCP.After sharing the individual dreams all participants were asked either write or draw group dream in a chart paper and paste it on the wall.

We continued by sharing our learning's on yesterdays SALT visit. We prepared for tomorrow SALT visit. The team was divided into 3 groups and all 3 groups were given 3 different communities for SALT visit.(1.Street Children ,2.Femal Sex workers and 3.Female Drug users).

Well, I was in group 2.

Aradhana did the reflection of the day in very new way. She requested all participants to make a pair and stand in front of each other making two parallel lines. Then we shared our learning’s with each other. Well, it was very appreciative.

Waiting for tomorrow SALT visit.

Key Learning’s:

  • SALT is an ongoing process.
  • CLC is a way of mobilizing the community.
  • Open your mind on what the community is.
  • CLC begins the process of having person changing their ways of thinking.
  • Don't try the person to make what you are.
  • Always remember we are students and we came here for learning.
  • Identify the dream of community which is achievable.
  • People usually look for weaknesses but CLC makes them look for strengths.
  • Be appreciative, stop being judgmental.
  • Have patience; listen deeply to learn from community experience.
  • Work as a team.
  • SALT can be applied anywhere, in any community either in our daily life.
  • During SALT visit, avoid violence & abuse.
  • Think as a human being.

 Very Tired, Good night.. I shall keep updating about my experience as CLC Nepal.

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Comment by Aliya Khan on June 14, 2013 at 11:27pm


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