The value of the 'SALT' approach to development initiatives

For me , the SALT concept gives an insight into why our even our well-funded and well thought-out programs often fail.No matter how brilliant we are and how fat our wallets may be, all human development endeavors must start from the acknowledgement that we are all human beings- we make similar mistakes,we share the same dreams, and we are therefore able to collectively take charge of our destiny. We CAN build on our strengths. Imposition of solutions is bound to elicit resistance.

From a leadership point of view,  SALT teaches that organisations would achieve their objectives better if those in charge first recognized that they are dealing with human beings- capable of making mistakes, yes, but also have great potential to craft and own the path they should follow. Any leader who shields himself with power and dictates all work spheres risks eventually frustrating himself as human beings cooperate best when their strengths have been acknowledged and their dignity assured.

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Comment by Luc Barriere-Constantin on Tuesday

Thank you Irvine. Great summary of what the SALT can bring to our development. 

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on October 14, 2018 at 1:07am

Absolutely brilliant, clear articulation of what organisations can do to catalyse collective community response. Thank you Irvine!

Comment by Phil on October 5, 2018 at 2:39pm

Dear Irvine, 

We often ask the question, "Are we human?"

You give a beautiful answer.

Yes, we are human.

We make similar mistakes.
We share the same dreams.
We can build on our strengths.

We are human because we are able to collectively take charge of our destiny.  

I hope you continue to share your thoughts (and what you do with those thoughts). We have much to learn together. 

My best regards


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