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Podcast: How To Create A Culture Of Problem Solving

Hi all, we have a really interesting new episode on Arukah Network's 'How To Build Community' podcast...

How can you help your community, organisation or team get better at problem-solving? In this episode, join 'Psychological Safety' expert ERIN LLOYD ROTICH from the USA, Tearfund's PRANAYA CHHETRI from Nepal, and FWANGMUN OSCAR DANLADI from the pioneering Jos Green Centre in Nigeria, as they help us search for answers...…


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How To Fight Fake News - An Introduction

A new episode of Arukah's 'How To Build Community' show is out!

SHAYDANY URBANI helps people to identify and challenge fake news, as part of her work with the organisation 'First Draft'. Here she shares her top tips and advice, alongside case studies of people successfully fighting fake news around the world.…


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How To Turn Rubbish Into Money: The Story of Nigeria's Eco-Entrepreneurs

What if you could turn litter into money? FWANGMUN OSCAR DANLADI leads a movement of young people in Nigeria who have found a way to turn the country’s huge problem of electronic waste into their own thriving and sustainable businesses.

In this new episode of our How To Build Community show, he tells us the story, and shares tips and advice on how you can do something similar where you live:…


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The Role Of Community In Shaping The Mental Health Of Young People

Hello all, Here's a new episode of our How To Build Community show which you might be interested in...

10-20% of young people globally experience mental health conditions of some kind. But the majority do not seek help or receive support. In this episode we ask how can a community support the mental health of its young people? Expert guests join us from around the world to help us find answers.…


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An Exciting Announcement

Hello again. Some news from the How To Build Community show that you might interest some of you... 

This isn't a 'normal' episode of the show! Today we're pleased to announce that Arukah Network is joining forces with our friends at Tearfund's 'Footsteps' magazine in order to create this show together.

In this episode I speak to the Editor of Footsteps JUDE COLLINS to discuss what this new partnership means for the show.…


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The Rise Of The Eco Church

Hello all,

You might enjoy this new episode of the How To Build Community show... 

A growing number of churches in the UK are trying to show that the word 'gospel' means good news not just for people, but for the planet as well.

In this episode, we hear about the thousands of churches that have joined the 'Eco Church' scheme, and we learn how this scheme is impacting communities across the country:…


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'How To Set Up A Community Health Programme'

Hi all,

We've just published a new episode of our 'How To Build Community' show at Arukah Network. 

In it, I speak with Arukah members TED LANKESTER, JUBIN VARGHESE and NATHAN GRILLS who have recently collaborated on the fourth edition of the book 'Setting Up Community Health Programmes in Low and Middle Income Settings'. They share stories and insights from the book.

It's published by Oxford University Press in association with Arukah Network, and you can buy a copy or…


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How To Fail Well - An Expert's Guide

Hello all. Some of you might enjoy this new episode of Arukah Network's 'How To Build Community' show. It's an interview with the founder of the world's first ever 'Failure Consultancy'. She helps people and organisations to use failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, and in this interview she shares stories, tools and tips on "failing intelligently" in life / work / community.…


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How To Motivate Others - A Masterclass From Sierra Leone

Hi all. You might enjoy this new episode of the How To Build Community podcast and radio show:

Since 2018, DANIEL SARA TURAY has been running a huge volunteer project in his region of Sierra Leone. The aim: to build over 100 miles of roads and to connect villages that have never been connected by road before. To do this, he’s recruited hundreds of local people. He's been telling me how, and why.…


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Resolving Conflict: An Expert's Guide

Hello all. You might enjoy this new episode of the How To Build Community podcast and radio show. I speak with a mediator and conflict resolution expert from the USA. She tells me:

  • about her work with individuals in what’s known as ‘transformative mediation’.
  • how this approach can be scaled up to help communities resolve conflict
  • what mediation tools and techniques we can use in our own lives and communities
  • how, if we learn to disagree well,…

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Haiti, Enterprise and the Church

Hello all,

In this new episode of the How To Build Community show, I interview Haitian-born MARC-ROMIYR ANTOINE from the international NGO Tearfund.

Our conversation focuses on the role of local business and the local church in shaping the country's future, and eliminating poverty.

Click to listen: …


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Building Community Under A Lockdown: The Story of Crediton Radio

Hello all. In this new episode of 'How To Build Community', I provide one possible answer to the question 'how do you sustain communal life under a lockdown?'. Perhaps some of you will find it interesting.




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Building Community In A Crisis: The Science of Kindness, Connection and Control

Hi all.

Yesterday I spoke with a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in helping groups of people to thrive under stressful conditions.

Lots of good insights e.g. I had no idea that being kind can boost our immune system. And kindness is contagious!




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Hope For The Hills: Running a Hospital in North East India

I recently interviewed a man called Dr Sedevi Angami for the 'How To Build Community' podcast and radio show. He runs a hospital in Dimapur, and he was telling me about his life and work, and how a hospital can be a centre for the transformation of a community, going well beyond medicine.

I find Sedevi to be a very refreshing, encouraging and inspiring company. It feels rare (in my part of the world)  to meet someone who's seen & done so much, and yet remains seemingly…


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Meet the man who led 1.4 million people...

I recently spoke with a man called Lord Nigel Crisp, who used to run one of the biggest organisations in the world: the UK's National Health Service.

Since leaving the 'NHS', he has become a global health advocate in British politics and around the world, with an aim of improving local healthcare by creating global partnerships.

Here's his #HowToBuildCommunity interview in full...…


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Keeping Peace Through Community Radio

Hi all,

In Arukah Network's latest 'How To Build Community' podcast, I chat with Sheila Katzman, who the UN tasked with creating a radio station for their peacekeeping efforts in Sierra Leone's civil war.

This is the story of Radio UNAMSIL, with its focus on community engagement, listener participation, and on-air peace talks.…


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Alastair McIntosh on Climate Change, Community & 'Spiritual Activism'

Hi all,

I once read that "only a demanding common task builds community". It's hard to think of a task more demanding - or more common - than climate change. One of my favourite writers and thinkers is a Scottish man called Alastair McIntosh, and he has written at length about both of these things: climate change and community. 

I was very excited recently to speak with him for Arukah Network's How To Build Community podcast. I got to ask him about these…


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Laura The Storyteller

"There is nothing as palpable and wonderful as sharing a story about our lives, or telling a folk tale that we know, and not giving a moral or explanation, but just seeing what it reminds people of."

I recently spoke with the award-winning New York-based storyteller Laura Simms for Arukah Network's 'How To Build Community' podcast. You might enjoy it:…


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ABCD with Cormac Russell

In Arukah Network's new 'How To Build Community' podcast I spoke with Cormac Russell from Nurture Development about his experiences of ABCD over 20 years, 30 countries and hundreds of communities. 

Give it a listen and please do share with others!


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"How Listening, Not Money, Changed My Neighbourhood in Zambia"

Mathews Monde is a member of Arukah Network from rural Zambia. In 2017, the Ministry of Health named him one of the country's "most innovative" health workers. This blog he's written for the US National Conversation Project helps to explain why...


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