Linking Care and Prevention

Vision of level 5 (dreamed by participants at 2009 knowledge fair in Chiang Mai):

Care and prevention are not separated. They are used in an integrative way. Care is used in the wider sense of the word and includes emotional, spiritual and psycho-social care. Care strengthens relationships and helps to change our behaviour.

List of Common Principles:

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If target groups take the lead in care and prevention strategies, responses will be more creative, effective and sustainable. Understand, engage and change!
A NGO in San Kampaeng district in Thailand took care of children affected by HIV. Later they became teenagers with very relevant experiences and were succesfully involved in prevention efforts for the younger generation.
[Usa Duongsaa]
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It's not shampoo, it’s a condom!
In Bombay, the AASDHA project took advice of sexworkers and made condom packages that look like shampoo packs to avoid the stigma around it.
[Ishdeep Kohli]
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Tuktuk drivers in Mattakkuliya give free rides to VCT centre.
Through strong community invovlement and use of music events, tuktuk drivers (amongst many others) cared for their passengers, provided prevention messages and referred people to VCT
[Dr. Kalana Peiris]
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If PMTCT programs include care for mothers, babies will be better taken care of "What's the point of saving my baby if I will die?"
In Tororo district in Eastern Uganda, mothers and Plan involved stakeholders and the Ministry to succesfully include mothers' care in the PMTCT program
[Tariq Banjee]
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If there is proper care and attention for the PLHIV, it can bring out the true potential of the PLHIV becoming the driving force for prevention. "The world is not only me"
In Svay Rieng Province in Cambodia, a shy person with HIV, became a famous and proud speaker and agent of change for prevention with the Red Cross
[Kith Marady]
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If we go beyond the medical care and understand that PLHIV have other aspects in their life, then we can better respond to the whole person's needs. “By the way, I also have a partner”
In Violet House, Chiang Mai, staff provided appriopriate advice to newly infected MSM to prevent further transmission, but save relationships
[Labtor Sitikarn]
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If you go beyond care for the positive person and consider the further personal connections, relationships can be saved and prevention increased. A wake-up call!
During a meditation retreat, I received a phonecall from an ex-girlfriend to share about possible STI transmission. She cared about me and wanted to prevent further spread.
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If you find a common interest with the community you visit, it will be easier to build a relationship and discuss HIV-related issues. “Cricket for Jagruti (Hindi for empowerment)”
In Uttar Pradesh state in India, a cricket tournament turned out to ignite a strong community and youth response to HIV.

[Prakash Pradan]
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If you (stepwise) involve a larger part of the community, a complete response can open up “Community dialogue allows son of PLHIV to go to primary school”
In Azraw, Mirzoram, India, the step-by-step involvement of more members and groups of the community resulted in a open dialogue on HIV and reduced stigma for children affected by HIV.
[Zoengpari (Mai)]
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“Home-based visits in Chiang Mai integrate care and prevention”
The Christian AIDS Ministry (CAM) in Chiang Mai integrates consciously prevention and care in Home-based visits to cater the needs of the affected and wider community resulting in stronger involvement.
[Nawanat Kunasawat]
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If SALT visits are carried out frequently, they can increase the uptake of VCT services
Si vous organisez fréquemment des visites SALT, l'utilisation des services de dépistage augmenteront.
20 truckers go for testing after a SALT visit
A SALT team held a visit at Mlololongo VCT. After discussions with Long distance truck drivers, the drivers decided to go for testing, about 20 LTDs knew their status.
(Onesmus - Kenya)
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If infected people are cared for and trained, they can provide care and preventive services to others effectively
Si nous nous soucions des personnes vivant avec le VIH et nous les formons, ils pourront fournir des soins et faire de la prévention
A positive HIV woman is taking care of others after being motivated as a counselor and care giver.
(Onesmus - Kenya)
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If people know their sero-status, they can easily care for themselves and others.
Si les gens connaissent leur statut sérologique, ils pourront plus facilement prendre soin d'eux-mêmes et des autres
Le teste pour prendre soin de soi
Après s'être fait testé, la communauté de Ruhuha a formé une association afin de se soutenir et de soutenir d'autres.
(Consolée Kamaro - Burundi)

Chain reaction when sharing your status openly
A SALT team (truckers and PLHIV) visited Musaga community of sex workers and after exchanging experience and seeing that PLHIV are open to tell their status, sex workers who were aware of their status openly shared their status, one by one. Some became members of the PLHIV network.
(Thérèse Ntahompagaze - Burundi)
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If both the positive and negative sex workers are sensitized on condom use, they can use condoms to prevent and care for themselves and their clients.
Si les professionnelles du sexe sont sensibilisées par rapport à l'utilisation des préservatifs alors elles peuvent se prévenir ainsi que leur client
No condom, no sex
After several SALT visits in Kampala, sex workers started systematically to demand that their partners use condoms.
Benedicta Nabingi Nannyonga- Kenya
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If young people are supported by people they trust, they will increase the uptake of condoms to prevent new infections among themselves and others.
Si les jeunes sont soutenus par des personnes en qui ils ont confiance, ils augmenteront l'utilisation des preservatifs pour prévenir de nouvelles infections.
Distributing condoms secretly
The condom agent was accused of distributing condoms to the youth in Michezani. Farouk is therefore distributing condoms in secret to the young people.
(Farouk Abdillah- Zanzibar)
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If enough sensitization sessions are carried out with CSW to care and to prevent themselves from catching HIV, they will improve their well being.
Si suffisemment de séances de sensibilisation sont organisées sur la manière dont les professionnelles de sexe peuvent se prévenir du VIH, elles seront en meilleure santé.
Collaboration entre PVV et camionneurs
Sexual pratices carried out by CSW in Zanzibar using condoms as prevention and care for their lives.
(Clement Chacha - Tanzania)
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If truck drivers are well sensitized on the use of condoms, they can use condoms to care and to prevent themselves and their partners.
Si les camionneurs sont sensibilisés sur l'utilisation du preservatif, ils peuvent les utiliser pour se prévenir ainsi que leurs partenaires.
"We all learn from each other"
Truck drivers in Chalinze have sex with food vendors without using condoms.
(Steven Wandella - Tanzania)
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