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Vision of level 5 (dreamed by participants at 2009 knowledge fair in Chiang Mai):
We are open to learn and adapt continuously through our action and reflection.We transfer knowledge, care and practice to ourselves and others in a participatory, inclusive and respectful manner.

List of Common Principles:

Common Principles Experiences to illustrate Blog Video Resources
If we show the advantage of learning from each other, then we will be able to connect and share Khmer Red Cross showed the business benefits to Casinos
Casinos in the area where Red Cross works were against the activities of the Red Cross. Therefore Red Cross invited them to a meeting to explain their activities and show them the monetary benefits of supporting their work. If we make business see the advantage of working on HIV then staff will be allowed to join activities. [Mom Chanty]
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If you know your strengths and accept yourself then you will share more effectively with confidence with others I'm coming out
MSM in India suffer a lot from discrimination. Robin talks a lot with MSM on one-by-one and encourage them to disclose their status to the media. "Share who you are and what you feel!" To do this, he helps them to see their own strengths. [Robin Jesudoss]
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If people stimulate and support you, you can be catalyst of change Love is more positive than HIV
A man from Pakistan got deported from Saudi Arabia because he was HIV positive. He returned back to his country and disclosed his status to his wife. She encouraged him to share about HIV so that more people in Pakistan would know about HIV. Now, he is well known in his country and raises awareness about HIV. [Ramrajya Joshi]
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People will transfer an approach to others because they are empowered and feel equal human beings 10000 flowers bloom after sharing among equals
Upper Northern Thailand network of people living with HIV transferred the AIDS Competence Process to their network and other organisations and communities. Facilitators transferred it mainly because the ideas of SALT resonate with them. We can all share, we are human, we are equal. The process has now have been transferred to MSM network across the Mekong region. [Pimpawan, Ohm ]
If we learn from mistakes of others then we won't make the same mistake My stories: my friends' salvation
Students from CMU followed a training with TYAP about sexual education. A few months later, a girl from that group brought a friend with unwanted pregnancy. She shared with an increasing amount of friend when she saw how useful it was to have the right information.
[Sirilux (Meaw)]
If you start learning yourself then you can transfer what you learned to others Joy is manager of an HIV programme but did not know a lot about HIV before joining the ACP learning event in Sept 2007. She met PLHIV and learned a lot about AIDS Competence there. She could then transfer what she learned to housewifes and help them to build their capacity.
You will stimulate transfer of competence when you link inspired people to opportunities for transfer Desperate housewifes no more
Joy trained housewifes to facilitate peer education sessions. They tell you that: "We want make a career from peer education!" Now that the project is over with PRIMEX, Joy is linking the housewifes with seafare companies so that they can educate wifes of overseas workers. [Joy]
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If we work together then we both learn from each other Thom set up a meeting for two groups to learn from each other. He realized that the group who was invited to share its experience also learned a lot. Facilitators of the meeting also learn a lot. So,
[BoonThom Chanakan]
In Northern Thailand, many PHA cannot access services in the community, like savings funds. The network of people living with HIV in Northern Thailand met with core community leaders to find a solution to this problem. PHA know better how to access services now.
[Prapan Kaikom]
Identify a good story, tell it well to influence change Sharing the Story of how a million Sri Lankans seized the Opportunity to Give themselves Access to Clean Water and Sanitation
The project's success in empowering communities and providing sustainable access to clean water and sanitation facilities has made it a case study of how engaging beneficiaries in join decisionmaking can strengthen development results. ADB has shared its story through many channels, including a video, compilation of participatory projects, participation toolkit, and presentation at various forums within the bank and to external audiences. [Bart Edes]
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If you want to convince people of the value of an action, use a real live example.

Si vous voulez convaincre quelqu'un de la valeur d'une action, utilisez un exemple vivant.
People living with HIV as real life examples If you want to convince truck drivers that you can have AIDS and be fit and healthy and live a productive life, use a fit and healthy person living with AIDS to convince them.
Nicholas Mbugua - Kenya

If you are a fit and healthy person living with HIV/AIDS, then you can be an excellent example to young people to convince them of this.
Emeritha Zaneza - Rwanda

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If people SEE that you take action based on your learning, they will be more likely to take the same action.

Si les gens voient que je passe a l'action sur base de ce que j'ai appris, ils seront convaincus de faire la même chose.
Even if you have to test yourself 20-30 times If you wish to persuade truck drivers to test for their status, you must show them by example, even if you have to get yourself tested 20 or 30 times.
Nicholas Mbugua - Kenya
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If you SHOW people how to do something, then you will get your message across more effectively.

Si vous montrez aux gens comment faire quelque chose, alors vous transmettrez votre message de manière plus efficace.
Show people the problem, don't tell them. If you want people to avoid using damaged condoms, then you must show them and then allow them to go through the process themselves.
Simba Mamisi - DR Congo

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If you practice SALT visits well , you will learn and transfer effectively.

Si vous pratiquez des visites SALT d'une bonne manière, vous apprendrez et transfererez de manière plus efficace.
Truckers open up and come to us.
At the end of a SALT visit with truck drivers, 18 of them went for testing immediately after the SALT visit.
Nicholas Mbugua- Kenya

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If an issue involves several elements, then bring those elements together in order to get your message across and find an effective solution.

Si un problème comprend plusieurs éléments, ramenez tous les éléments ensemble pour transférer votre message de manière plus efficace.
Include the truck drivers AND the sex workers.
When discussing the issue of HIV/AIDS at truck stops in Kenya, the SALT visits always include truck drivers and sex workers.
Nicholas Mbugua- Kenya

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