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Dear Collegues;


I found that Indu's blog suggests some clues for youth program sustainability. Counselor promotes approaches that could train and equip youth capacity so they can continue and manage youth center as they had been conducted together with donors or project support. My concern is that, are there any suggestions or experiences from all of you dear Colleges to ensure that these approaches could be scaled up and monitored by government in large coverage areas instead of donors or pilot project done? This is need to be done isn't it? To ensure that youth centers established by government also provide good quality services as those supported by donor projects.

How about capacity issues, monitoring and evaluation and close technical assistant provided by government to large number of youth center at provincial or district level.  Really want to learn from your experience.




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Dear Wiwin,

It is encouraging to see that you are looking at sustainability, a concern of ours too. As an NGO we have our limitations and financial constraints. As you have pointed out, Government has to come forward to scale it up. We had initiated in 1997 the HIV Counselling programme across three Southern States of India. Today it is a national programme and all the counsellors trained by us  have been absorbed into government service.We continue to train counsellors till date.

We have written to the National AIDS Control Organisation, the Apex body in India for HIV programme, regarding the Youth Friendly Counselling centers. We hope the government will come forward to adopt this as a strategy, as they had done with the HIV counselling programme.

We are also planning another strategy. It is a community progrmme and if the community sees it as a necessity, they will come up with ways and means to continue with the same. Community dreaming and use of SALT tools is an important step here.

 As of now, two nearby panchayats (local governing body) in a district have requested us to replicate this in their areas at their cost. As mentioned in my blog post the places for counselling have been given by the leaders free of cost. The question is will this go on if the leaders or the government change? So, we at SIAAP feel that if Community takes hold of this programme, there is a possibility of this being more sustainable.

These are the challenges we face.  I look forward to suggestions from other members.


Yes, I agree that sustainability is a very 'real' issue that youth projects/organizations face. Personally I felt that the best way to stay sustainable is that the group of volunteers have to be driven by the same dream. Without passion it will be hard to do anything at all. I believe we also need more training as we are not experienced enough. Support should be garnered from the adults in the community. 


More will be updated later!


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