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We celebrate Community Action Day every year. Join this group to connect with other communities around the world who participate in the event. This year it will be in September.The logo has been designed by Marjolein.

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Reflection on Community Action Day 2011

Started by Rituu B. Nanda. Last reply by Rituu B. Nanda Dec 15, 2011. 5 Replies

Dear All, Greetings! Let's do an After Action Review of Community Action Day to reflect on our experience.May I request for your inputs on the following questions:1. What went well in Community…Continue

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Logo for Community Action Day

Started by Rituu B. Nanda. Last reply by Mimi Gerniers Sep 26, 2011. 18 Replies

Dear All, Several members have suggested that we can have a logo for Community action day. Marjolein from Netherlands has kindly offered to design the logo. Any suggestions for the logo? What should…Continue

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Started by suardika iwayan Nov 23, 2010. 0 Replies

dear all,big thank you for your sharing in this program (CAD). i also already read your toolkit. very useful for me in Bali, how to improve the community in the program, make involve and speaking…Continue

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on January 18, 2011 at 12:07pm

Hi Friends,

Jeanne posted valuable inputs on what she learned from CAD 2010. I have done a google Translation from French to English. Request feedback from other members.
Thanks, Rituu


Jeanne's feedback  on what she learned from CAD

What Were the high moments in CAD 2010?:
The sharing and exchange on the SALT approach with other members around the world;
The active involvement of children in this approach;
Stories and videos rich communities.

What worked well in Organising The CAD?  
The application of the approach during the SALT World AIDS Day on topics as varied.

- Maintain the motivation of communities involved in this experience by continuing with the initiative.

  What Can We Do in 2011 Better?
Apply the approach on other major days other than AIDS;
Monitor the implementation of work plans developed by communities and organize trade on the platform.

Comment by Gaston on January 18, 2011 at 10:04am
Great sharing Marion. I love it including the drawings.
Comment by Marion Zibelli on January 13, 2011 at 2:53am

On december 10th, a small group gathered in Barcelona in Spain to dream about the kind of community we would like to live in. It was a small group but dreams were powerful and stimulating. Full of creativity and energy.


We started the meeting a bit late because there were only us there, the team of BarnaCompetence, so fear that none of the persons we invited will show up crawled upin our hearts. But slowly, some started to appear and that starting nervousness became confidence and good vibes after some time.


With the checking of our 'weather inside' we invested some time in getting to know each other a bit better and then we begin to reflect individually about our dream for the community. Most of us decided to illustrate our dreamwith a drawing and others preferred to only use words to describe it. In a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, we shared our individual dream and we ended up submerging ourselves in a shared dream which we found hard leave.


We dreamt of a community flowing like a river, with its bends and meanders, where people live in harmony and equality despite our differences: many colours combined to form another colour even more beautiful. And if our community achieves that, then the rest of the world can do it. We dreamt of a community also living in harmony with the environment and other species to conform a system larger than the earth itself.


In our community, people is free but it is interconnected at the same time. We give and receive. We learn from each other and from the community we get the knowledge to keep growing. We grow expanding like trees, allowing the roots toget strong and the branches evenly deployed to give support to future generations, which will feed the roots in turn.


We dreamt of a community where there is kindness and genuine love, with no dependencies. Where people are kind and each child is raised with the support of a family. Where we take care of others and we feel well cared for.


We dreamt of a community where we take the time to know each other, without haste, to develop deep and sincere relationships. Where we create spaces to relate, talk and have fun, enjoy life outdoors, with plenty of greenery, flowers, trees, parks.


This small session was like a breath of fresh air after a busy period surrounding 1st December formal activities. And we feel confident that it will be a starting point for broader community discussions in a society where 'community' needs to be profoundly explored and redefined.


lots of love from Barcelona!


Comment by YERUVA ANTHONY REDDY on January 12, 2011 at 10:29am

The high moment for me about CAD 2010 was as our team planned to do self-assessment on Systems Strengthening (Organisational Development) for the first time, we were excited about it. To do it with 22 CBOs of FSWs and 7 CBOs of MSMs was challenging. Participants though not familiar with SALT approach were as enthusiastic as we were in getting this done. Two long days of work with the community members resulted in getting 29 self assessments done by the community members. It was a massive and wonderful exercise. The motivation to do it has come from initiatives taken by Rituu and other friends from India competence and the constellation. The challenge before us is to continue to do self-measurement on the Action plans that the teams worked out.


Being natural facilitators our resource pool of mentors and community faculty quickly learnt about the facilitation of self assessment and did an extraordinory job. Few of them were so enthusiastic that they worked out river charts on self assessment with some of their CBOs. We are planning to consolidate the good work done by our team and Madav will present this in the knowledge fair at Kumta, Karnataka scheduled from 1st Feb to 3r Feb 11.


We can defintely do better next time becuase by that time all our resource faculty and team members would be trained on SALT as a way of working in their to day work.


As Haynes suggested there can be more interaction between the members of this group either through skype meeting or through this forum. Lots of sharing is happening but there could be more interaction with each other on our way of working wih communities around the world.


As we progress with this approah, we can have more reflections and sharing by the community members themselves. There could be more knowledgefairs where community groups can come together, share, learn and transfer the lessons learnt across the world.


Thanks to all the members of this group for sharing their experience.

Comment by Autry Haynes on January 11, 2011 at 9:18pm

The highs for me are the local responses by ALL to take actions that are meaningful to them. Some people wanted others to benefit from the same experiences. Community Life Competences have expanded to all sphere of life: We now have self assessment for HIV, Malaria, Tb, Gender violence, youths carbon processing management, to name a few. i am sure there are others.


What worked was SALTiness of us ALL to motivate people into action and see them taking ownership of things that matters to them [hopes and concerns]. Kudos to you ALL.


I will like for ALL of us from different countries, languages have a BIG skype to REFLECT, that will be ONE joyous moment. This is not difficult to organize we need to take into consideration the different time zones, a venue to accommodate a large group of people and big screen.


Some one could compile "before and after stories" to share. This will show the significant impact of all our efforts.


I trully applaud the initiative and effort of the organizers. Thanks to technology that makes us into a global village community. I feel close to all our colleagues. Please keep posting those success stories. (^_^)



Comment by Joma on January 11, 2011 at 8:23pm
Few reflection on CAD 2010

1. To me all the event were wonderful, because its such kind of happening in the community for the community cause throughout the globe, that we are doing in our own location with the same toolkit without a direct one to one training. Everyone is excited. The support we get from our teammates the preparations are the high moment for CAD 2010.
2.Everyone who involved in the CAD 2010 makes the CAD 2010 a succcess, although it take sometime understand the way it was organised at it is quite different from the way most implementing NGO does. It was digested well as it is a very practical way.

It was the 1st CAD and the expectation of the community/people is different, mostly who have no idea about Competence process, pre-visit of CAD in the community was not convienient this could be some of the challenges.

3.Un expectedly things went so well, but our people who Facilitate the event done so well. For 2011 CAD, it will be good to involve more implementing NGOs and Community leaders.
Comment by Boris Alberda on January 11, 2011 at 7:46pm

I was asking myself these questions and want to share them with you:

My highs of CAD 2010 were: the cheer amount of actions and the fact that many people from different places over the world participated

What really worked well was that the organisation committee consisted of so many different backgrounds, cultures, countries and communities.

What I'd like next year around is for the CAD to be even bigger and for us to make it easier to navigate all the CAD actions taken, by being able to see different topics, easily see where the community is loacated on the globe and what they did.


Thanks for being part of this. Boris Alberda, Amsterdam

Comment by Boris Alberda on January 11, 2011 at 7:41pm

I would like to show my respect for all the participants of CAD. Don't you all truly enjoy all these stories and pictures?



  1. What were the high moments in CAD 2010?
  2. What worked well in organising the CAD? What were the challenges?
  3. What can we do better in 2011?
Comment by Nicole Rhonda Cole on January 7, 2011 at 8:15am
Children who are exposed to Domestic violence can and do become perpetrators; however, an early Clinical Intervention can arrest the "mind" before its too late. Are there Social Services that are available to these children? Were they offered Professional Counselling? Are there any safe houses for these children to live?
Comment by Kristin Bodiford on January 7, 2011 at 5:22am
Hi Everyone,  Love all the great stories from around the world.  We had our Community Action Day focusing on children's exposure to domestic violence. We spent quite a bit of time talking about the Danger of a Single Story.  This is a great TED talk by Chimamanda Adichie - We also talked about high points in our work to identify ways that we can strengthen what we are doing and learn from each other. We ended with commitments and actions that people wanted to take on their own, in their organization or in the community.  I will post pictures!


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