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Greetings! Let's do an After Action Review of Community Action Day to reflect on our experience.

May I request for your inputs on the following questions:
1. What went well in Community Action Day 2011?
2. What could we have done better?
2. Would you do it next year? Why? How would you change it? What support would you want that is different from this year's?

Look forward to hearing from you.


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We have the first response from the Philippines team of Imelda and Chellah. This is a special one as its from the community. thanks to Joy for getting us the response. In this CAD, the community youth cleaned up the area to foster community harmony.


What went well in CAD?
The youth participated in the planning and the actual clean up. The families who were living in the area where the youth cleaned up helped .

What were the challenges?

The shovel  and broom were lacking. The weather was very hot but despite all these the youth did not complain.

What could we have done better?

the clean up could have been done very early in the morning say 5AM when there is no sun and everyone is still asleep.

As working group what did we do well and what could we do better next time?
Planning sessions conducted with the families was good and more local officials could have been involved in the activity.

Imelda from Pinoy Competence just sent the response to the last question

Would you do it next year?




to show consistency and make it a regular activity of the youth. THIS COULD BE A PART OF THE COMMUNITY ACTION PLAN AND COULD GET SUPPORT FROM THE LOCAL OFFICIALS.


How would you change it?

OTHER COMMUNITIES WILL BE INCLUDED AND INVOLVING THE    Sangguniang Kabataan ( elected youth leaders)

What support would you want that is different from this year's?

Photodocumentation training for the youth leaders and start up support for an innovative action plan from the youth.

Support for idea exchange thru fora

1. What went well in Community Action Day 2011?

The SALT process worked with my family in the CAD 2011 activity, our  WOT and WOW started to  open, but what made that impact moment was the Self Assessment when we realized what level we’re at and how we now need to start making those steps/ actions towards accomplishing our dream.

2. What could we have done better?

I don’t think anything could have done better, but I would have like to video the activity. It was a very special day and outcome for our family and it would have been nice to look back at it, but I guess something are just meant to be recorded in our hearts and memory.


3. Would you do it next year? Why? How would you change it? What support would you want that is different from this year's?


Yes, I’m definitely planning on doing one next year, because of the impact it made with us.

I will change it, next year I’m planning to invite on two more families to our Family CAD 2012, i will not do the family tree but will definitely do the Action Plan in detail.

The support I would like is the support of a SALTY facilitator, so I’m hoping when I do plan it and ask Autry or Zenita to join the Family CAD Activity 2012 they will accept :-) <3


Dear Rituu,

I have just inputed your write on our facebook page. Hopefully there will be responses from community facilitators.

Thanks Ukeme!



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