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Dear Constellation Coaches,

As a new element in the Constellations Coaches' management we are introducing a yearly
reconfirmation of individuals' status as coaches. Taking into account the
definition in the Constellations
"Coaches are able to
facilitate the Community Life Competence Process in diverse contexts
with the
aim to transfer it to others, always as being part of a facilitation
team. Coaches are not simply coordinating learning
by others. Rather, as Members of learning communities, they contribute
to the
global learning on the Community Life Competence Process (“CLCP”)"

the Constellation Support Team, where applicable with National Support
Teams, will collect on a yearly basis from each coach a Coaches'
that includes:

(1) An updated facilitators self-assessment, carried out by the coach with feedback from two other coaches of choice, including an updated personal development plan.
The idea here is that each coach self assesses his/her current coaches skills on the basis of the self
assessment framework. He/She seeks feedback from 2 other coaches, ideally face to face otherwise through distance communication during the self-assessment. The coach identifies three practices for improvement in the coming twelve months and identifies activities (personal development plan) that will help him/her reach a next level. Participating in selected modules of the Blended Learning programme on the AIDS Competence process is a suggested possibility to broaden the

(2) A reference to shared learning from local responses by the coach.

his reference can take different shapes and can be posted on either of the forums of the Constellation interactive platform: a blog posting, a video, as discussion, an After

Action Review are examples.

The coaches' statement is attached herewith.

What's next?
All coaches are kindly requested to contact Marlou (if applicable with cc to the coordinator of your National Support Team) and communicate the preferred month of submission of the 'Coaches' Statement'.  Submission dates to choose from are:
- 30 June 2010
- 30 July 2010
- 30 August 2010
- 30 September 2010

We will then follow up with you depending on your indicated moment of submission.

Current coaches who do not wish to remain their status as coach are kindly
requested to discuss this with Marlou.

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you all,

With best wishes,


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Replies to This Discussion

Dear Marlou
Greetings from Mizoram
Would like to submit my coaches statement on 30th July 2010.

warm regards
Thanks Maii!
Hello Marloubr />
Greetings! Will submit by 30 July 2010. Thanks. Sanghamitra
Thanks Sanghamitra! Look forward :)


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