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Hello friends,
Here below is a message from Rituu. Please pay good attention to it.

Dear All,

Greetings from Delhi!

Community Life Competence is expanding. Communities in a wide range of contexts
and locations rely on their strengths and take progress on issues of
their concern in their own hands. Can we as Constellation members,
facilitators and coaches all over the world make large scale progress
and involve even more communities, including our own in this movement
fuelled by local responses? To do so we propose to organize a Community
Action Day.

We often see especially in the cities that people want to re-connect with their community members. This would be a good
opportunity to do so. Boris from the Netherlands suggested that he could
host such an interaction over a barbeque!


What would the day look like?
On the Community action day communities meet to do their self-assessment and thereafter, make action plans based on the self-assessment. The day
will be an occasion where people share, listen, appreciate and support
each other. It will also stimulate people to reflect and respond to
their concerns.

Sharing with friends around the world
Communities could then share their self-assessment and action plan online with
thousands of other communities. Being part of a global movement of
change can stimulate them to take action and to connect for learning and

We would start from within, with Constellation members and partners in our
own network. We could offer to collaborate with UNAIDS on World AIDS
Day and RBM on Roll Back Malaria day. We could test it within the
Constellation this year and explore it with potential partners in 2011.

We need your help
Do you have any ideas for the day, or would you like to join the working team to plan and coordinate the event all over the world? I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,


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