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The Movie "ENOUGH" starring Jennifer Lopez highlighted the fact that many Women will continue to die unless they are willing to "fight" for their lives like I did! I live because I fought "valiantly" for my life and I intend to keep fighting for my life for as long as I live! Get up, Stand up! Stand up for your Rights and Don't give up the fight!--Jah Rastafari!!!!

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I agree with you Nicole. As long as we take abuse and just keep crying , the abuser thinks he/she can continue abusing. I guess we should all teach our children to stand up the first time they are abused by someone.

Dr. Mitu "Yes We Can" "Get up and  Stand up" as Women and Fight for our Rights!

Yes absolutely...I have seen the movie 'ENOUGH'. There is an immense need for women to learn Martial Art for the main reason of women's vulnerability stem from the lack of physical strength where women feel insecured and helpless.

The biological vulnerability of women accelerates violence against women making them sexually vulnerable. This particular technique must be taught at a very tender age and should be included in the curriculum of schools.

Many thanks Udita for sharing such a POSITIVE message because here in Guyana where I live "Domestic Violence" has become a significant social problem; for this year already close to 20 women have been murdered and it points to a very scary reality i.e" Women are Worthless! Their lives mean nothing in a system of Patriarchy!" Udita as a Constitutional Commissioner I have called for DAMAGES to be paid to "Survivours of Domestic Violence" since the majority of Women are Poor; when they are DAMAGED for life, who will care for them? The Men who DAMAGE them must be made to pay, hence my call for Amendments to the Domestic Violence Act of 1996.


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