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Please help me with your suggestions and changes to the draft version of this TOR for an Administrator in a Sr. Citizen's Care Home applying CLCP:

(Draft Version 20 December 2012)

1. NAME:

To establish, own, run, manage and maintain long-term and short-term stay facilities for Senior Citizens, to set up palliative care facilities for senior citizens, 
to ensure care support and coverage of those aged or differently-abled through mobile medical van, and to promote, facilitate, and encourage the care and support of 
geriatric population.

To initiate, plan, execute and complete in liaison with the Managing Director all activities for the construction, of the Care Home, and report all progress or delays 
for documenting it in reports, financial statements, and summaries.
To forsee, and arrange for adequate workforce with the required skills to complete the varied works related to establishing the Care Home as well as in running it, 
including any exigencies that could arise from time to time.
To arrange for recruitment, and on-the-job training, as well as recommend career progression, or dicplinary action for all the staff of Champion Care Homes, by 
regularly supervising their work, and inspecting the reports if any filed, and the registers maintained by them.
To advise the Managing Director regarding local customs, practices and traditions, untoward incidents and circumstances, hostile neighbours, whose direct or indirect 
actions, could hamper the functions of the Care Home, or expose its residents to any difficulty, disease, or danger.
To provide assistance, mutual support, information and advice to the Senior Citizens who are residents, family members of residents and persons of importance to 
residents, including new residents who are admitted to the Care Home.
To advise residents, family members of residents and persons of importance to residents respecting the rights and obligations under the Acts of the Company, the 
Government, and under any agreement, or contract relating to the Care Home.
To attempt to resolve disputes between the Company and its residents.
To use the Company's sponsorhip and plan activities for residents.
To collaborate with community groups and volunteers concerning activities for residents, following the Community LIfe Competence Process .
To Improve the quality of life and quality of care for all residents by promoting an atmosphere of sensitivity, caring and support among staff, friends and family 
members of the residents of Champion Care Homes
To review with the Managing Director and the Accountant the detailed allocation of the Company's funds for the Care Home, the expenses incurred, the amounts paid by 
residents, as well as other revenues, and income got by the Care Home.
To review the financial statements relating to the home filed with the Managing Director by the Accountant and with the Chartered Accountant appointed by the Company, 
and actively participate in the periodic audits conducted.
To provide input on the long-term Care Home decisions and act on shared concerns and problems.

To organize periodic meetings, visits, training, and workshops for the Community of Champion Care Homes as required when following the Community LIfe Competence 
To arrange for recording the "After Action Review (AAR)" and the signifcant learning that was derived from the AAR, after any event, meetings, visits, training, and 
workshops not only maintaining it as a digital and permanent record, but also transfering it as a 'best practice' to improve the quality of work.

Applicant must be at least 18 years of age, be an Indian citizen or person of Indian origin, a legal resident, be of reputable and responsible character, demonstrate 
an ability to help, and be sensitive to the special needs of Senior Citizens.
Applicant must meet the minimum education requirements of a bachelors' degree, or have five years of full-time work experience in jobs of similar nature, like in any 
department of a skilled nursing facility, an intermediate care facility, or an intermediate care facility ordevelopmentally/disabled care centre, or in any health 
department with a supervisory role.

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I would love to hear about your progress as you set up this important offering.  I am curious, I am learning about CLCP. Have you integrated the principles into the mission of the home and how it would be run? I like this statement: "to promote, facilitate, and encourage the care and support of geriatric population." It brings up so much possibility for me in how you would do this. And how you might engage the strengths in the community, and strengths of the residents in creating this home environment to facilitate this caring and support. I see you bring this in in this statement: "To collaborate with community groups and volunteers concerning activities for residents, following the Community LIfe Competence Process." There is tremendous power in this statement and I would love to hear how this grows, what this looks like. 

One thing we are focusing on in our work is in viewing and engaging the strengths of our elder population, which would include the residents as part of creating the type of environment/community that is also serving them. I am curious if this is similar in your project? 

GOOD luck! 

HI Kristin,

When I posted this out of necessity as I thought I was treading into what I had not done before, and so, I wanted to know if some one out there was having some experiences that I could learn from. Therefore, your reply is most precious in that not only I know I am having some pioneers who could lead me on, but also they are ahead of me.

As to the progress,  Champion Care Homes has just got the land registered, and transferred the titled deeds to the Company's name. The Company is in the process of applying for permission to build a worker's shed. Accordingly, it will be a couple of years before we get our elderly residents.

Right now we have in employment, apart from myself, an accountant and a gardener. The TOR for the accountant too includes all the elements of CLCP that I could include from that of the Administrator. My assumption is that once I get the staff trained in CLCP, making it a part of the system, than CLCP should be sustainable even in my absence.

The progress on the Administrator is that he is joining in the first day of 2013, and only then we can have our first CLCP training for the Accountant, Administrator, Gardener, and myself. :-)

 Your work of "engaging the strengths of our elder population, which would include the residents as part of creating the type of environment/community that is also serving them" is exactly what I envision will happen in Champion Care Home for the Senior Citizens. Therefore, we can both learn from our experiences, and sharing of experiences, or lessons learnt.

What a lovely vision. I look forward to watching and hearing more as it unfolds! I really believe as we follow our dreams we create the future. 


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