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Dear all,


In Indonesia (Indocompetence) we are now running with at least 3 issues of competence. They are AIDS Competence, ARH Competence and Gender Equality (GE) Competence. We at Indocompetence are most have a basic of work on AIDS issues.


Do you think we need an expert to introduce CLCP on other issues? For example: when we plan to conduct TB or Malaria Competence in Indonesia, do we need a TB/malaria expert to running this event. In the same time we agree that there's no teaching in the process. Or we still could bring the expert and doing in the salty way?


Does anyone have an experiences on this to share?




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Hi Chandra

I often challenge the notion of an expert. We all have experience of something and collectively we have expertise. A so-called expert is likely to have lots of different experiences and access to expertise which she or he can apply to new situations. A group of people with diverse experiences are likely to tackle a new situation better than a single "expert."

So to TB or Malaria Competence. There is a need to access knowledgeable people to construct a self assessment framework, and in the case of Malaria this has already been done and is being used successfully in several countries. So you can use what is already available. You'll find it on the resources page of the website. Indocompetence has experience in facilitating self assessment sessions for a number of issues so you don't need an expert to do that.

My suggestion is to use the frameworks that exist and facilitate self assessment session, firstly on yourselves, and then with a number of communities. The river diagram is useful for showing whether there is scope to share between communities, or if no one has high levels of competence then that is the time to bring in someone who has the knowledge to help all communities build competence. To remind you:

Hope this helps.
Hi Geoff,

Thank you very much for your easy share. I have explore both link you gave (resource and youtube), those give me more understanding about this issues. We are really inspired with what you said: A group of people with diverse experiences are likely to tackle a new situation better than a single "expert."

Geoff, in your experiences, when you start a malaria competence process, did you bring 'an expert' with you? Or probably you or one of you were an expert?



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