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Dear Friends, 

A request from the Mauritius team, Joke and Sanghamitra. The project is moving forward with new challenges and new excitements on our way.

Who can give a concrete example of how SALT helped a commercial company to achieve better results with teamwork? Your story or business case could really help us here to make some good links, so don't hesitate to share :-)   

Warm greetings from Mauritius to all! 

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Actually, I think there is a Video of Jane Macharia of AKDN or Mary Gitau (Aga khan University Hospital) who were or are working for this Cooperate group then. Great Champions. Phil may have the videos:-)

Thanks Onesmus for the link! Greetings from the team in Mauritius. 

Phil, can you help us further with this? 

Some reflections based on my experience in the private sector:

Salt brings people in a learning modus which is a pre-requisite for becoming aware (of a reality and the challenges) and for enhancing their respons-ability to action the necessary steps in an engaged atmosphere.

Many companies and their leaders have to spent lots of energy and resources on (internal) conflict or unclarity resolution. By having a connection among team members at a deeper human level, this 'wasted' energy and these 'wasted' resources are better spent towards succes (rather then mending into a "back to 'normal' situation).

By engaging team members towards the exploration of strengths, successes, reality and challenges it requires less "selling" from the top.

An example: The facilitation of a better connection (and thus sharing and helping) among research and development workers in a company can boost innovation results. 

I know somebody from the Appreciative Inquiry community who is working with teams in the Mauritius bank. His name is Mario Gestaldi.

Hope these reflections are of any use for the Mauritius team. 

Dear Joke,

I trust this link will be useful in addition to the in flowing experience in relation to your question.


Dear Joke,

Thank you for your post and query. I would like to share a video of an interview that another friend, Susanne Meuller and I did with Jan Somers, (who has also responded to you with a post here), on the subject under discussion. I hope you find it useful and interesting.

Please do share your feedback.



P.S. Thank you, Rituu for alerting me about this opportunity.


Here is a story from Luc about his work with the UNAIDS office in Tanzania. I think that it is an excellent example:


Here is a video clip from the Aga Khan University Hospital that Onesmus mentioned.

I have used this very widely in all sorts of environment and I have found that it always has great impact. 



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