Pak Sugeng passed away, but he still lives through our AIDS Competence community.

His passion and his concern for the citizen of Pontianak played no small role in supporting the development of AIDS competence in his city.
What greater tribute could we give to him than to continue with even greater determination what he had initiated?
Let us strive together for AIDS Competence, in Pontianak and beyond: in this way, Pak Sugeng will be with us for ever.

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I'm sorry to hear that Pak Sugeng passed away... I still remember him during the SALT visits in Northern Thailand, where he was in my group. He was so enthusiastic and motivated. He really understood the concept of AIDS Competence very quickly and had great plans to transfer what he learned in his context.

I wish him to rest in peace. I send all my thoughts to his family and friends...

I was surprised to see Pak Sugeng presentation in front of NGOs in Pontianak and Singkawang a month after we came back from exploring SALT Visit in Thailand, December 2006. Extremely well documented presentation that was showing his spirit to learn and share with others. The spirit that always stay with us.
For Me Pak Sugeng is not only an activist for AIDS, but also my second pa...I lost him just like i lost my pa, but his spirit stay in my heart, he definitely will be remembered....I still remember few years ago when he just started to join with Aids commission in pontianak, he came to my house with his wife and start talking about AIDS program, it makes me surprise because i know he is one of the leader in govt. "Pak Sugeng came to my house and talk about the program??Who Am I visited by pak sugeng?? (i said in my heart)...From that i can saw his commitment to AIDS since the beginning and till now...When i came to hospital, i can see his pain, but he just hide it...He still asking me about the program, especially about SALT, Novi, are the team move??Where we are already, Novi?? I just could not resist to cry, and ask him to stop asking me...Gosh i still feel his passion...

Thanks to him that make Kota Pontianak still keep it dream alive...

with love -novi-

Hi dear Novianty,

I sens so much sadness in this experience but,sooo much love as well !!!

Thank you so much for sharing

With love and gratitude


even at the last workshop of AIDS competence at Pontianak (Oct 2008), when pa sugeng was lying down, being in bed at hospital, he still thinking about that workshop. he asked us: is anything worked? does everybody came? how about participants from Singkawang? He also said: i really wanna doing something for the workshop, at least for now please use my car and the driver as well for the success of the workshop, or anything !!!

at the day he passed away, thousands peoples from any background (and also from NGOs, youth, transgender) who loves him very much accompanied to send him to the last resting place.

no doubt about pa sugeng's commitment. everyone at Pontianak really know about that. not only at Pontianak i guess.
I also remember Pak Sugeng's active participation in that SALT visit programme in northern Thailand, and it's a shock to learn he already passed away. It must be a sad loss for the activists in Pontianak, but I'm sure that he would be proud of the AIDS Competence efforts being made by the people he cared so much about.

My condolences to the family and community...

This is a shocking news! My sympathy to the entire Indonesian Competence Team. What a loss! We will continue to remember is role in the approach.
Joseph - Sierra Leone
Heartfelt condolences!

May he live in our hearts and through our deeds in working for what he cherished and pursued in such a dedicated manner.

He will definitely be with us for ever!



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