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What are your thoughts? How would reflect with some one on this? Had this question posted to me twice in the past two months..."Autry how would you explain our hope as different from our dream, are they not the same? My answer was of course no, they are the same. But engaging some youths over two different days had this question resurfaced. The first day we ended with concerns and hopes. All well and done.....The next day after a SALTy stimulation, we invited the youths to reflection on a future state when all your concerns would have been addressed and your hopes achieved, what would that state / condition be like? The youths were invited to do individual dreams.....there was discussion between the youths and co-facilitators, I sense something....on inquiring, i learnt that the youths were saying that the identified their dream the day before...must say they were firm on their position (^_^). So I said, the day before one of you said, your hope was to pass your examination, would that be your dream? There was a resounding oooohhhhh and everyone began doing their individual dream. The dream will be a subject for a future feature.....!!!!

Would you share some reflection on this?

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Hi Autry,

Thanks for raising this question!

Senge's piece on Deeper Aspirations seems to correspond with what I would try to describe as our dreams.



Jean-Louis, thank you for the piece by Senge that helps a lot. And your comment fits in nicely too. Lots of progress on my understanding of the distinction. 



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