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Experience on application of CLCP for sexual & reproductive health of adolescents

Hi Everyone

Namaste from Nepal!

I am Radhika Ghimire public Health Probationer. I am going to develop/review health manual for school teachers of rural areas who are delivering sexual and reproductive health sessions adolescents in schools (6-10 grade). I want to introduce CLC approach for some sessions. 

Sessions are like: Menstruation,contraception, substance use (drug),HIV and AIDS,STIs, Sexual right,early marriage, decisions making power, adolescents characteristic,gender.....

Sessions are going to develop for teachers and CLC is one approach/strategy to deliver class.

Waiting to hear  from you.

Best Regards,

Radhika Ghimire


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Please share your above mentioned relevant experiences with me.

Greeting from Indonesia;

Hi Radhika,  Its me wiwin from Indonesia.  I have experienced on development ASRH school curricula, working with senior high school teacher and students. it was 2008 when my team and i selected some subjects at school curricula (sport, biology, civic education, religion, language and student counseling to be included by relevant ASRH issues and message.  it was formally delivered at school hours by trained trained teacher. 

Yes i was very crucial to have similar concern and ideas with teachers on how to deliver and transfer the ASRH issues.  in my setting those ASRH matters considered as taboo, not all teachers were open and keen to to this.

it would be easier if we developed session for teacher training out of school curricula, since we will be quite flexible on this.  I would be good if you and selected teacher conduced SALT visit to students, parents, religious leaders and other teachers to dig information and to share concern on how to be able to understand the ASRH situation, challenge and expectation from those visited group as initial step of teacher training on ASRH issues.  From those information collected we can stimulate teacher's concern on how to do self assessment and address the gap. every teachers are parents as well so they will have idea on how to cope with this issue.  but ensure that students's/adolescent voices should be heard and primarily considered as one of information to decide the the suitable approaches. inviting resource person from health provider will be one of alternative to "fill in" teacher with some technical adolescent heatth information, case and to create link and access for further need and support.

Creating students forum and parents forum (including informal leaders at in the neighborhood) were also effective way on elaborating idea to have social support on our effort since talking about ASRH issue was still uncommon.

hope this is useful, shall you have another more detail information kindly let me know. Good luck Radikha..



Thank you Wiwin for sharing your experiences.

Yes, we are designing this  lessons as an extra co-curricular activities.   Therefore,it will be more and more interactive.

Warm Regards,


Hi, greetings from Belgium. Have you read the book of Dr Jean-Louis Lamboray already "What makes us human?" ? It is a great read and I guess it will help you translate elements in your manual as well. Wish you much fun and succes with the review/development of the new manual. 

Thank you

No I have not read this one. I will read.

Thank you

Radhika jee It was great to hear about your current we could discuss how could you introduce CLCP/SALT as a way to deliver SRH information to young people. I am recently moved back to Nepal and you can reach me at +9779869150795

Thank you.

Hi Radhika ji, Rituu B Nanda messaged this link thinking that i might be helpful. I am in Delhi right now and will be in kathmandu by 29 november. May be we can have talk over it further and i am interested in your work as well. i am reachable at 9841720197 or you can email at 

Hope to see you soon! 

Thank you sangitaJi

Okay we will meet.


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