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Hi All,

I am looking for practices developed by some of our friends and colleagues during the CLCP processes related to health. I know that DRC had a process related to Family Health, for Mayotte it was for "Health fo All", Madagascar worked on Community conversation on Health and there is probably more projects on that topic. 

Please let me know where I can find such documents or send them to me.

Thank you in advance.


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Dear Luc, I have found that developing practices that fit local circumstances to be more appropriate and leads to ownership, responsibility and eventually are inspiring when SMART actions are identified. When I was introduced to CLCP/SALT we used initially the ten practices for AIDS competence which at times did not fit with what was happening locally. We shifted by stimulating local practices and used the original practices to support what was created. There would have been adjustments, merging, integrating and strengthening (^_^).

When a community creates its own dream, then identifying practices that will lead to that dream is powerful for that community. More recently, depending on several factors, we introduce the idea of practices as 'stepping stones' towards the dream. Big 'stepping stones'. It appears these big 'steps' are easier to identify.....

Just my thought as i read your request. Of course knowledge of practices from other communities strengthens facilitating the process and REALLY helps the community even  with its dream!


Hi Lucy, Family health or Health of all is matter of utmost importance. I would like to share my knowledge and experience. It will be great if I get to know what kind of information can be shared here. Health is a very vast topic.
I have recently joined and trying to explore the areas where I can share my views and expertise.
The name is just misspelled. It may be read as Luc. Auto correction mode is the culprit.

Inconvenience is highly regretted.

Hi rosit;

Thank you for asking and trying to respond to my request.

Well, it was posted in 2015 and I must confess that I don't remember exactly what I was specifically looking for. I will come back to you if it comes back into my mind.




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