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Lately I have been in the state of go,go go, not taking time for myself or anything. Then it dawned on me,' Shabakie you ae doing a service for humanity'. After this revelation I realised that by being on the go,go,go I am able to fullfill my purpose towards humanity and sprinkle SALT , wherever I go. I have sprinkled SALT in my relationships both personal and general and this approach has never failed me. I will continue to do so as long as there is someone to be SALTED, and also preserve and refresh those who are already SALTY.:>

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Please include me in that list to be SALTied (^_^). Nice motivation Shabakie, I enjoyed and you caused to just reflect onm yslef as well, how SALTy am I to others. Thanks for th encouragement.




I am enjoying your blogs Shabakie. Thanks! Would you like to share an example where you applied SALT in your personal life.

Eventually, I was refreshed! Thanks many. Now respond to Rituu's request, lol (^_^).




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