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Dear Friends,


Over the last few years, the word "inspiration" is  coming up  increasingly in our conversations. Somehow, I think that keeping the inspiration flow is a critical condition for life competence to  spread and flourish. hence my question:


What inspires you in your approach to communities?


Why do we need to know? Because if we know, we can try to maintain and develop those ways of working that enable the flow of inspiration among us and beyond. 


Many thanks for  your thoughts and experience.



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Dear John Louis,

I feel inspiration is three pronged - Firstly our own internal inspiration for the cause. Secondly the inspirational flow when we interact with a much reselient population, who have survived without the much spoken 'enabling environment' . Third, I feel self inspiration and motivation increases when certain interactions leave us with a challenged feeling, with regard to our approach and goals. 


Often these three might not be distinctively measured, but in a nutshell, more the amount of communication and interaction, with multiple stakeholders, more is the scoping exercise to view and review our strategies and make them more sustainable for the populations where it strives to make a positive difference.


Sincere regards


Thanks Tapati.

For your posting, I conclude that we need to organise ourselves to the interaction with resilient populations and the interactions with others to learn and share. Would you say that SALT visits represent such opportunities? 

how then should we make them a routine feature accessible to all?


Yours friendly



Dear Jean-Louis, My inspirition comes from within, knowing and having confidence that what we stimulate from communities using their strengths does make a difference in their  livelihood. For quite sometime now (cant even remember when) i find the joy of what ever job I do and LOG ON to that joy. That inspires me. So much so I tell people my job is a vacation. Literally going to communities and sharing their strengths is like a vacation. I enjoy every moment. My expectation of that inspires me. A mouthful, eh (^_^). I am greateful that this approach allows for days of interaction so the benefit is bountiful. Long ago I regret leaving only after half day or one day exercise in communities. I left with the feeling that I have created a vaccuum instead. Now my friends that has changed. Knowing that I have a worldwide support team if I do feel drained also inspies me. At a discussion between Facilitators we always talked about when we share ourselves with communities we need to replinish ourselves, re-energize as it were to go again. Space like this helps and thanks to all. I am indebted to you.



Yes, I also have that feeling, that when we immerse ourselves into community experience, we are not working, but are on vacation! But then, that divide between work and life is what we need to address in the first place?


Thanks Autry



In my work place I am so inspired when the people I am working with ask questions, suggest and have outputs.



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