Dear Friends of the Constellation,

 To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we would like to offer to you the Universal Declaration of the Right to Dream. It is built on what we have learnt from communities since the foundation of the Constellation.

Over these ten years we have been privileged to witness the spread of a positive epidemic.

All over the world, communities mobilize their own strengths to address their own challenges. They connect with other communities to learn-and-share from their local responses. Facilitators and coaches who reveal and nurture those strengths are themselves transformed. They in turn become agents of the positive epidemic.

 Communities do deliver results. For instance, Unicef invited facilitators of RDCcompétence to engage with communities in Northern Katanga who had  resisted for years to get their children vaccinated. Within six months, the number of children immunised against polio increased by 60%!

 The Constellation Global Support Team (GST) supports these facilitators worldwide. The GST consists of a small team of permanent staff (3 full time equivalent), who in turn support the work of a great number of volunteers (around 40 people offering their skills and time over the year). Two audits by the Ministry of Finance concluded that only 7% of the money  we receive is spent on administration. A full 93% goes to our operations.

 As the approach takes root in more than 60 countries, the GST faces the challenge to keep the spirit of appreciation alive worldwide. Moreover, the team receives a growing number of invitations to work with people as they recover the agency over their lives.  Still, governmental and nongovernmental agencies are slow and hesitant to support our work. They will not transform overnight  into dynamic organizations that based on trust in people’s capacity to act on their dreams.

 Today, as we enter into our teenage years, we need your help to build a cash flow reserve so that we can face delays in payments and invest in the systems that will support our work.

 If the Constellation dream and approach resonates with you, we invite you to:

  • Volunteer some of your time and skills to the work of the GST.
  • Donate money (tax reduction in Belgium and other European countries for donations of 40€ and more).
  • Buy the book “Qu’est ce qui nous rend humains?” in French, Spanish and  soon in English.

For any support on the above steps, please contact


On behalf of the Constellation Global Support Team, I wish you  an excellent end of 2014 and a happy 2015.


Jean-Louis Lamboray


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