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What have we learned from the integration of our approach into other participatory approaches?

Constructive criticism is a great opportunity to become reflective, as individuals and as an organisation. It is a gift that helps us to learn, adapt and improve. Recently, within one of our cherished organisational partnerships, we were challenged by the suggestion that we are "too rigid". It led to some valuable discussion and reflection. I have shared a piece from this discussion below. 

..."Perhaps the Constellation comes across as rigid because we are solidly founded in SALT, and it is more than a value statement - we live and breathe it! But what others may not realise is that this is not just another methodology, it is a way of working. In fact it can underpin many approaches or methodologies, but it is, ultimately, our philosophy. SALT is how we work, and how we stimulate others to work. With this in mind, there are 2 interesting elements to our philosophy that we ought to consider, when we respond to such a statment:

  1.  Our way of working is appreciative. This means that we embrace approaches that are also appreciative. CLCP is the one we know and use. But what about other appreciative methodologies? We are also using AIC. Some of us have Salvation Army background, Appreciative Enquiry, ABCD and others.. So, the question is, how open are we to working outside of the CLCP, so long as we maintain our foundation in SALT? How far will we go?
  2. We value learning. This means that we, as coaches, members and as an organisation, are always reflecting, learning and adapting as we work with others. We have been given a gift - to "think outside the box of CLCP". So, are we being truly open to this lesson? What can we do to make the most of this opportunity to learn about ourselves?
  3. Have you applied elements of CLCP in your other work? Or in another project? How did it turn out?

Let's have a conversation!....."

Constellation travellers - Please share your thoughts! What have we learned from the integration of our approach into other participatory approaches?

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" goes beyond that, well I believe it goes beyond that. CLCP strikes an individual sprit, it deals with an individual way of thinking which changes ones way of working, it changes their attitude and in turn changes the person lifestyle but it should be used correctly to be effective but that does not mean it’s rigid." has significant meaning. The accumulative individual benefits will surely translate into community's Way of Working. Our continued effort could contribute to sustainability for the communities. Thanks Tricia for this post. It is stimulating (^_^).


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