September 2014 stories (6)

Macenta en pleine crise face à l'Ebola

Avec tous les mouvements de soulèvement contre les sensibilisateurs, comme le vécu de la scène de tuerie à womey en Guinée forestière.

j'ai réalisé que l'approche SALT trouverait certainement sa grande place dans la valorisation des compétences communautaires. Ainsi, deux groupes au cours d'une invitation de formation. j'ai suggéré la nécessité de collaborer avec les communautés en vue d'appliquer l'approche sur les compétences face à l'Ebola qui se définissent dans le sigle…

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As a young public health enthusiast, my literature review of ebola virus six years ago was interesting as I studied the zoonotic disease…


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You are What You are BECOMING...

Life has been described in many ways: A roller coaster, two edged sword, a teacher, a school them, but really: LIFE IS THE PROCESS OF CONTINUOUS BECOMING... 


You are not today where you were yesterday. By the time I finish writing this, I will be older than the time I began writing. SO WILL YOU BE BY THE TIME YOU ARE DONE READING.... You are continuously becoming something: Good or Bad. Nothing stagnates, even dead rocks get weathered, as other life forms evolve to…


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CréActivons-Nous : se ren-conte-rer et rencontrer nos rêves en images !

Ce lundi 8 septembre, nous sommes un petit groupe de sept, réunis autour d’une proposition : activer notre créativité pour explorer nos rêves individuels et collectifs.

Nous sommes à Grez-Doiceau, lors de la semaine de « bien vivre » organisée par le programme communal de développement rural. Dans la matinée les gréziens ont pu découvrir un atelier de massage pour bébé, la veille ils goûtaient au yoga, à…


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Story of a lady bike rider and women development: Organizers should go to the roots

Every morning one lady bike rider passes me when my bus gets stuck in the jam on the way to my office. She goes ahead to her destination by driving her Scooty easily and naturally on the wide and narrow spaces on the road as like as a man. Every day when I see her I give her a salute and admire her courage because it is Bangladesh, a moderate Islamic country by the constitution, where a big part of the people do not support from their mind to let the women go out from home for working…


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Sprinkling SALT in Jammu and Kashmir government

 Today, Institute of Applied Manpower Research invited me to facilitate a session of Community life competence and SALT with a group of government officers from Jammu and Kashmir. The participants found it very hard to answer the question- what are you proud of? If you ask us what are your failures are it is very easy to answer. We are not used to this question. Concluding remark was that if one is appreciated one is more likely to take action!

Here is the…


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