Everyone has important pieces to the puzzle for the survival and development of the region where they live. When people choose teamwork on equal terms and contribute through social capital, things really start to happen. In Vuollerim, a small village by the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland, there are several examples of what is possible when people take action together. Here the community has not waited for the government to do things for them. They have taken the lead in their own issues.

It is about the great teamwork gong on among grassroots in Swedish Lapland.
When I watched this video, I was speechless. This was my dream community, this is what I would like my neighbourhood to be.

This video was a part of the presentation at SOCAP europe in Amsterdam 2011 in the panel "How you turn your city to a place for innovation" and at Socap Future. in Malmö 2012.

I thank Eva-Lena Skalstad and Tudor Tarlev for this video

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Comment by Olivia Munoru on November 20, 2012 at 7:24pm

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL VIDEO! I would love to visit this wonderful community. We can learn so much from them... and their energy is simply infectious. I am deeply inspired. Thank you for sharing this, Rituu.

(Nb I am in touch with them for re-posting this as part of the GLF virtual Salt visit :-) )

Comment by joseph koïvogui on October 18, 2012 at 7:15pm

je suis ravi de cette ouverture de partage d'expérience, sans la communauté elle même, toutes les pistes de lutter au VIH  sont des bombes à retardement. Vivre la communauté pour qu'elle même se lève à la réduction de contamination au VIH


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