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At 1:15pm on February 17, 2009, Marlou said…
welcome back Novi! great to hear you are going forward! And for me a good moment to visit your page and listen to the music again. Big hig from Marlou
At 9:07am on February 12, 2009, Gyna Lydiana said…
At 4:15pm on February 10, 2009, Lawan Vejapikul said…
Hi Novi, Really missing you during the International Knowledge Fair
in Chiang Mai, Thailand but at least we have Gyna as a representative from Pontianak.....and of course, she did a very great job!!!!! See you soon : )
At 8:40am on January 6, 2009, Marlou said…
Hi Novi, long time no see on AidsCompetence. How are you doing? I enjoyed your beautiful country for the Xmas holidays. Selamat Tahun Baru for you - and my you add many more nice music to this page? How is ACP going ?
At 7:21pm on November 14, 2008, Aude said…
Hi Novi, Many many thanks to your answer :-) I will answer because you gave me a lot of new power and new ideas and new vision of the SALT, more SALT'y :-)
Since yesterday i think to your answer a lot and trying to keep it for myself and for in Belgium. You has writed what i did'nt find wich was not good enough, not SALT enough in our meeting with associations. Many thanks.

Wonderful changement in your page, it's beautifull pics ! I like also to go in your page to listen to your beautiful music :-)
and see your pics :-)
I think we have, i have still a lot to learn from SALT and a lot from others countries and people like you.
SALT made really change in my work life, but it is more difficult to apply it and be SALT'y with my family because of a lot of feelings. I think also that to be a good facilitator you need to know better yourself and be SALT'y with yourself. The team is really important, we need to be SALT with the communities, with ourself and also with our team. We have been discussed about that in Belgium since 1month because it is not a lot time easy.

This day and tomorrow, we will have a week-end of formation SALT BelCompetence. We are now in the action plan and change measurement. I will wait with impatience to go the formation, because i will learn a lot and share a lot :-)

I will stop my "speach" ;-)
When i write, i don't know but i'm always writing a lot, i like to share :-)

Warm Hug* :-)


P.S. : The pic with the young boy (his name is Borgo) was in Senegal wich is really my second heart country :-)
A part of my life is and stay there :-)
At 4:43am on November 12, 2008, MariJo said…
Dear Novianty,
Hi Novi,
I have not responded to you last message because I have been travelling. I am not going to be very talkative now either because I am a bit dizzy due to the anesthesy. I am going through dental surgical interventions and although everything is OK it is quite uncomfortable, as you can imagine.
I hope to be better in a few days and will come back to share with you soon.
At 4:52pm on November 11, 2008, Aude said…
Hi Novi,
How are you, i’m inspired by what you tell to Aicha. You have a lot to share with us and we want to learn from you. Many thanks to your sharing…
Could you also see my new discussion about "how having SALT visit and meeting communities". Because i would like really to learn from your experience and also the others from Indonesia and al around the world.

I hope your week goes well,

At 3:08pm on November 7, 2008, Benyaich Aicha said…
Hi Novi, how can you so salt with your community about AIDS (and sexually transmitted diseases), the subject is so difficult with my community. I mean for a woman like me ( muslim in Europe),...
I would like learn about your experience...

PS; Obama president is wonderful
At 8:38am on November 4, 2008, Rachel Arinii said…
hi mb kacmukkss a.k.a kaca muke
also really miss ya all in ponti

anw, kita dapet kesempatan buat formulasi youth statement buat presidential event hari aids!!! seru bangss..but budget yang ada yang cukup buat ngundang dari luar jakarta..kalo gyna mau dateng pake duit nenek moyang KPA kita ngarepin banget looo

nanti akomodasi disini, kita ada..tapi gak punya uang iket

At 4:20pm on October 30, 2008, Rachel Arinii said…
hi there, mbakss.. so missing those day in Pontianak.
a lot of thing that can be gain as a beneficial insight.
At 12:57pm on October 30, 2008, Marlou said…
Hi Novi: the knowledge fair is set up for the NGO's with which we are working for ADB: indonesia, India, Thailand, PNG, Cambodia and the Philippines. I will send you the invite for more info and would be great if there is a way you could join....
At 12:10pm on October 29, 2008, Rituu B. Nanda said…
Hi Novianty,

Great to have a friend from Indonesia. Looking forward to hearing your ACP experiences.


At 8:32am on October 29, 2008, Lawan Vejapikul said…
Hi Novi,
I'm back in Chiang Mai already after Indonesia and Japan.
Japan trip was nice and really expect to go back again on day.
As same as Pontianak......looking forward to the next visit.
It's a pity that you couldn't join the International Knowledge Fair in Chiang Mai but understandable that your plan is priority!!!!! Congratulation and hope you can visit Thailand one day.


At 4:41am on October 29, 2008, Benyaich Aicha said…
Hi Novianty, how do you do, I find you're page so cool and I like you 're pictures and especially you're ti-shirt...
At 7:12pm on October 28, 2008, Marlou said…
Keep the firing burning Novi, I know Pontianak can do it through all I heard from my friends who have visited you. What is the next ACP action 'on' in your town?
At 1:32pm on October 22, 2008, Marlou said…
Hi Novi, I often come to your page as you have such nice music on it. With Lawan in Japan and Gaston and Laurence in Cambodia this week it is so quiet in the office. 'Your' music is filling that space. You asked me my most challenging place to stay SALT. And I think that is really in my personal life. How can one be SALT in 'work' if one isnot at home? As a mother of 4 and with the father in a different continent for a year, I see myself sometimes becoming a General-Lieutenant in front of his troups rather then a patient and caring mother. When I remind myself about SALT and when I manage to really look at strengths and beauty (and consciously appreciate) I see that the whole atmosphere can change quite easy. SALT always starts from yourself and that is the only way it can spread.... But urh, yeah, sometimes SALT needs some pepper too. Ok, back to Chantal Creviazuk now!
At 9:32pm on October 21, 2008, Laurence Gilliot said…
Hi Novi,

Great to see your face :-) How are you since we last exchanged emails and ideas? How is it going in Indonesia? Did you do any other SALT visit that inspired you?

I'm in Cambodia for a few days. Things are moving forward here as quite some NGO integrated the ACP into their work... They mainly share that they use SALT all the time and that this improved the relationship within their organization... Did you experience similar changes in Pontianak?


At 9:02am on October 13, 2008, Lawan Vejapikul said…
Hi, friend....lots of photos which I haven't seen before but really nice!!!
We will fly to Pontianak this afternoon.....see you soon!!! Really exciting to meet all of the team their again after a year already!!!
At 7:44am on October 13, 2008, Marlou said…
Yes, me too. Any chance you could come to the Knowledge Fair in Chiang Mai?
At 11:26am on October 11, 2008, Marlou said…
Dear Novi,

Great to see you on Ning, welcome! I am enjoying the pictures. Have fun this week with JLL and Lawan. Marlou


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