Working through Public Private partnership in providing Quality STI care

Dear Members,

THIS is one area where I want members to provide me information, guidance, views and case studies on successful model on Public Private partneship in providing quality STI clinical services to difficult to reach population especially, Truckers and Migrants.

I will be posting my experience on truckers here, but need to understand the issues from wider knowledge base from you all.


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Comment by Laurence Gilliot on November 5, 2009 at 8:21am
Comment from Yacouba, from AKDN Mali:

AKDN dans le souci de développement de ses ressources humaines à une politique dénommée "Workplace Aids Policy" qui est axée sur quatre principes de base:
- la Non discrimination: personne ne sera renvoyée de part son statut sérologique
- le caractère volontaire di dépistage: le sida ne sera pas une barrière au recrutement;
- l'appui à prise en charge: toute personne infectée ou malade du Sida se appui par les entreprises dans sa prise en charge;
- la discrétion: elle est clé du succès du mécanisme.

La prise en charge des IST faisant partie de la prévention du VIH et du Sida, les employés ont accès à des structures de santé à travers leur mutuelle de santé des entreprises ou des assurances. Concrètement si l'entreprise n'a pas de structure de prise en charge en son sein, elle contracte avec les structures privées ou publiques.


Translation in English

AKDN, concerned about the development of its human resources, has a policy called "Workplace Aids Policy" focussed on four core principles:
- Non-discrimination: Nobody will be fired because of its serological status
- Voluntary testing: AIDS will not be a barrier to recruitment;
- Support to care: every person who is infected or sick because of AIDS will be supported by the companies for its treatment and care;
- discretion: it is the key to a successful mechanism.

Providing STI care is part of HIV and AIDS prevention, so the employees have access to health structures through their mutual health insurance of the companies or other insurances. Concretely, if the company doesn't have a structure for care within its organisation, it will hire public or private structures.

Yours friendly,

Yacouba, un grand merci pour votre contribution.
Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on November 3, 2009 at 7:33pm
Please note that this document was compiled in October 2005.
Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on November 3, 2009 at 7:31pm
Dear Prashant,

Welcome to the India- Kenya Group on Truckers and HIV.

You can see a range of PPP models, the partner organisations llike ILO, Humsafar Trust etc who are involved and other details and resources at this link: .This was prepared by AIDS Community, Solution Exchange India titled Public-Private Partnerships for Treatment of AIDS

A Truckers Intervention Project (from Dr. Ramarao, Krishna District Lorry Owners Association) is also described here. The Surakshith Yatra Project (SYP) is implemented by the Krishna District Lorry Owners Association (KDLOA) and supported by USAID/FHI, and has formed partnerships with various agencies ranging from the Government to the Corporate Sector, including organizations such as Finance Companies, Banks, Automobile Associations and well-wishers from the business community. There are presently over 300 People living with HIV in their Care and Support Network. Patients coming mostly from the trucking community are referred from SYP-KDLOA to Government facilities for counseling, treatment and Nutrition support scheme (NSS). People who are tested positive from the Government institutions are referred to our project for the services we provide. They train the Government Anganvadi Teachers (ICDS), Mahila and Youth associations, and participate in government campaigns to sensitize the public through the Family Health Awareness campaign, Janmaboomi, and AASHA (Aids Awareness Sustained Holistic Action). Project staff are involved in all the Government campaigns and programs on HIV, and their medical teams are deputed for Government health camps. Project clinic services are also utilized as a DOT center for TB patients in Autonagar.

Best regards,



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