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The area in concern is the Seemapuri, Dilshad Garden, Shahdara, Jhilmil, Seelampur, Jafrabad, Sunder Nagri, Nand Nagri, Harsh Vihar, Bank Colony, Yamuna Vihar, Brij Puri, Shiv Vihar, Chand Bagh, Noor-E-Elahi,Gangotri, Vihar, Gokul Puri, Sabhapur, Sadatpur, Gujranpur, Krawal Nagar, Soniya Vihar, Biharipur, Mustafabad, Prem Vihar, Ambedkar Nagar, Johripur, Tunda Nagar, Babu Nagar, Nehru Vihar, Chndu Nagar , Sherpur, Rajiv Nagar, Munna Nagar, Tukmirour, Gokul Pur, Ganga Vihar, Rajnagar, Meet Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Saboli, Mandoli, Amar Colony, Kardampuri, Jyoti Nagar, Chajjupur, Kabir Nagar, Rampark, Hardev Puri, Babarpur, Jyoti Coloy, Balbir Nagar, Rohtash Nagar, Durga Puri, Bhagwanpur Kheda, Ram Nagar, Mansarovar Park, Welcome, Gorakh Park, Subhash Park, Brahmpuri, Chouhan Bangar, Ghonda, Janta Majdoor Colony, Tahirpur, Bhajanpura , Khjuri, Ghonda, Usmanpur,  Shastri Park, Welcome, Old Seelumpur and near by areas in concern.


 The area lacks in basic amenities such as public toilet, roads, drainage system, drinking water etc. The people are illiterate in different slums and unauthorized colonies and have no sensitization towards their own problems. Infect food and shelter is primary for them and health becomes the secondary issue. One can also observe the cases of Drug abuse in the area. Though the few area is better of in the area but over all the scenario needs an urgent attention on health and education needs of the community.


The population of these particular areas is living here migrantly, for longer period of time but population of these particular areas also is living here permanently, for longer period of time they are staying with their families and without family. They are basically laborers, rickshaw puller, Maid servant, and factory worker, saleswomen, knitting, tailoring, selling saris and seasonal work like making kite, raakhis national flag, packing of different items etc. They are migratory in nature and come under our area of preview.


The various diseases like fever, diarrhorea, and pain in abdomen, cold cough, and sexual problems are quite common in the area and consider being routine in nature. The people have limited knowledge of the STI/RTI & HIV problem.




The population of the target area mainly comprises of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and they are basically from Bihar, U.P, Bengal, Haryana, Punjab, M.P, Nepal and Jammu & Kashmir.



All the colonies in the area are well connected main roads. Shastri Park and seelampur is closed to Metro station. As such every community has got its separate boundaries. There are many places for mass gathering.



Strategies adopted by (Shiksha Jyoti)


ü  Training

ü  Services

ü  Interventions

ü  Street Plays

ü  Rallies

ü  Community Meetings

ü  IEC Development / Distribution

ü  Mobile Exhibition

ü  Health Camps

ü  Audio /Video Shows

ü  Cultural Programs

ü  Community Mobilization


N.G.O is running many programmers in different field just as:-


  1. Learning Centers: - The NGO is running Learning Center, which is on in the area of Sunder Nagri. In these Learning Centers near about 220 children is getting education. All these children’s are those who are not going to M.C.D or Public School. The NGO has ministered a lot of the Govt. School and also trying to open some new learning centers in other needy areas.

      2. Mobile Exhibition: Organization organized mobile exhibitions with the help of their community. They made               people aware about HIV/AIDS & try to remove their myths & misconceptions.

  • Motivate them for regular use of condom at each & every time of practicing sex.
  • Tried to aware them about Voluntary counseling & Testing Center.
  • Motivate them to visit ICTC centers.
  • They also motivate the people for demonstrate condom for getting the feedback.



      Along with this the Flip book in which various Diseases , Diagnosis, Myths and Doubts, Factors and Causes of AIDS are elaborated and Discussed for the awareness of general Masses for the prevention of STD/AIDS.



       3.    Polio Drop Awareness Programmers: - The NGO helps in the polio drops centers is organized at main areas. Polio Free India is the dream of the NGO.

      4.    Culture Activity: - The NGO doing is best affects to promote the cultural activities. NGO organized many meetings corner meetings between the different communities to promote there culture.

     5.    Protection of Environment: - N.G.O is working in the filled to protection of Environment.




     6.    Work in the filled of Empowerment of Women: - N.G.O is working for the Empowerment of Women in this Regards N.G.O running programmes for the welfare of “needy women”.

     7.    Job Oriented Programmes: - N.G.O is running for the job and livelihood of poor and below Poverty lines Beneficiaries.


     8.    Handicrafts: - we are classes available in our Sunder Nagri office about in handicraft. Many people joint for this classes. We are very hardworking for this purpose and many extra classes do for joint students.


     9.           Functions:-National Festival as 15th Aug. 26 January and 2nd October, and other function of day of the NGO has been celebrated with great and happiness have been celebrated different area on this occupation by the Shiksha Jyoti as these were the most important function.


    10.      Road Safety Awareness Programmers:-The NGO has organized the Meeting, Seminar, Rally, & Nukkad Natak, on different venue to aware the public regarding Road Safety and to teach them about rule of road.


    11.      Anti Tobacco Programmes:-The NGO has organized free medical check-camp, Seminars, community meeting, street plays & nukkad natak, and started telephone counseling for those people who are addicted of tobacco. A lot person has loft bad habit of smoking and chewing gutka & Pan Masala etc, and a lot of people are who are now leaving these bad habits.

    12.      Vocational Training for Poors and Backward peoples:- The NGO is running Vocational Training in different trades i.e. tailoring, cutting, embroidery, knitting, typewriter, web designing, beauty center, computer and dance training. These training are helping the boys & girls getting a job and also self employment.

   13. Health and Aids Awareness Programmers:-Aids are the most dangerous disease in this world. The NGO has organized the camps in the different areas about the awareness of Aids. In the area of sunder nagri, nand nagri, harsh vihar, tahirpur, Seemapuri & mandoli there a lot of poor person who can spend more money for their health so we arranged the monthly free check-up camp are very useful for these people. The NGO is working with the sex worker in the near by areas, and educating the sex workers regarding the dangerous AIDS.

   14. Family Counseling Programmers: - The NGO has organized camps to teach the families about their roles and duties.

   15.Consumer Awareness:-There NGO teaches the consumer about the rights for purchasing any articles and availing and any services, and celebrating the consumer awareness.


   16.Child and Mother Health Campaign:- The NGO is doing the programmers of Child and Mother Health. In these programmers. We are providing different type of training for the women these training is helping them a lot in getting job and self employment. Our NGO is also education the women.


   17.Computer Training:-The NGO is providing a Computer Training for the children of a Learning Center and to boys and girls who are need knowledge of computer. These poor students are getting this computer training very useful for them.


  18.Computer Training:-The NGO is providing a Computer Training for the children of a Learning Center and to boys and girls who are need knowledge of computer. These poor students are getting this computer training very useful for them.                            

  19.Crime against Women Activity:-The NGO is doing the programmers of Women safety programmes, we are providing different type of different training for the Women these training is helping them a lot in getting self employment. Our NGO is also self respect the Women.


  20.Yoga and Naturopathy:-NGO is teaching about yoga and Naturopathy to community these activity fulfill the needs of more than more people and children.



  21.Child welfare Activity:-The NGO is doing the programmers of children welfare. In these programmers, we are providing extra classes for the children. Classes is helping them a lot study employment. Our NGO is also educating the women.


  22.Legal Awareness Programmers:-N.G.O Organized a Legal Awareness Programmers for specially women and girls in the of sexual harassment and dowry.


  23.Human Rights Programmes:-N.G.O well aware about the Human Rights and duty fulfill this programmers N.G.O health many legal persons for that free regular advised many provided at right time to the victims and the persons how are not aware about the rights N.G.O has lunch health lines for free legal advised without color and cast N.G.O wants to teach the rule and regulation and law to every body so that violence corruption and harassment man mote on the N.G.O is the obey rules and regulation so that every body become welfare about his and duty.


 24.Street & Working Children:-N.G.O is running the programmes of Street & Working Children’s. In this programmes NGO manage Educational activities for Street 7 Working Children’s Provide to them Nutrition & Stationery during their study time at free of cost. In this way our NGO has teach to them with a Good Manner for all the children’s are those are not going to M.C.D or Public School and also trying  to open some new learning centers in needy areas.

  25.Child in Need Care and Support:-N.G.O is running the programmes of Child in Need Care and Support. In this programmes NGO provide different kinds of facilities to the children’s like Nutrition, Health, Education etc. in this programmes the NGO support to specially those children’s of slums/ Drugs Addict, Children living on railway platform. N.G.O will focus on measures such as [a] A facilitating introduction to/ return to the Education system as children at study are not children not work. [b] Counseling to parents families of the targeted children. [c] Given training where ever necessary.

































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