What happens when others listen to us?

Rituu B Nanda from Constellation conducted SALT training for staff from organisations- PGS and TIP in Allahabad.  I am a research scholar who joined this event and accompanied for the SALT visits. When Rituu introduced us to SALT, she asked a question on L for listening in SALT, which evoked a lot of discussion amongst us. Here are some points from the discussion.


What is listening? There is a difference between hearing and listening.  When you listen attentively and carefully with emotion, it’s listening. When you listen without interest, it is hearing.


In authentic listening, both eyes and ears are engaged. When people actually listen their facial impressions shows it clearly. When we listen from our heart, then we can even read the emotions. When we do not listen from our heart, then even if the other person is shouting we will not listen anything.


In listening, our body language is also involved. When we truly listen, we do not remain indifferent.


What happens when others listen to us?


When others listen to us attentively, we share and it reminds us of the incident and we again get the same feeling when we had that particular experience.


When I want to share something with others, people often say leave it friend, we do not have time to listen. But when someone listens to what I say , it makes me feel so much lighter as if a burden has come off.


When I share something I am proud of and others listen, they get to know my strengths, they know how hard I have worked. This boosts my confidence. And there is nothing better than if someone else narrates my stories and others listen.


When we share stories of how we overcame some difficulty, we feel proud of ourselves. When others listen to these stories, they learn and are motivated to take similar actions.


If someone is truly interested in listening to us, it encourages us to share in detail.



(Contributions from Anu, Dr Sunit, Peeyush, Ravishankar, Sanjay, Santosh, and Rituu)




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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on May 17, 2016 at 8:57pm

Thank you Peeyushji. We were fortunate to have you with us in the SALT visits and have detailed discussions around listening, appreciation and learning. 


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