We used to teach them, now they tell us what they can do

I am working with NGO MAMTA for healthrise program supported by ABT associates and funded by Medtronic philanthropy.Through SALT and CLCP we are trying to motivate patients to respond to hypertension and diabetes.

Here are some actions which the the members of Patient Support Group (PSG) are taking in village Kotla, Himachal, India
Change in behaviour of patients
I have been following up the patients for past 2.5 years but it was difficult to convince them to make changes in their life style and regular medication. But by engaging them in SALT and CLCP I find a change in their behaviour. 
One older lady patient was taking medicine but did not get timely health check up and thought she is fine. She found it difficult to go to the health facility on her on her own. We involved her daughter-in-law in the SALT meetings and dream building and action planning. The daughter in law now takes her for regular health check ups to the district hospital.
One lady patient who has both diabetes and hypertension used to take care of her diet but did not get her blood pressure and sugar levels checked regularly. In the action planning meeting she said that she will go for check ups. Now she is not only going for health check up regularly but has also begun to exercise.
Self Help Group (SHG) takes action
I had done SALT Visits with women Self help group and they also came for dream building and action planning. As per the action plan, the SHG members cleaned up the road in the village and removed the weeds
What have I learned from this experience?  We used to earlier go and meet the patients, invite them to health camps and get them checked and then do follow ups. But now we connected as family members, listened to their stories and appreciated their strengths. We used to teach them, but now they say what they can do. And they are doing it!

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Comment by Phil on August 24, 2018 at 1:37pm

"When I am told what to do, then I often don't do it."

"When we say what we can do, then we do it."

That sounds exactly right to me, Sulochana. 

Thank you.



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