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We are equipped! We are empowered! We are inspired!

We are equipped! We are empowered! We are inspired!

Transfer is the T in SALT. It is how we spread the Community Life Competence approach to new partners, new communities and new places.

It does not require an expert approach, nor complex "sales" or "communications" strategies. Transfer is simple. It starts with a simple conversation.

The Constellation’s ability to connect local responses requires that we learn from new communities and engage with new partners. As facilitator of Transfer, my personal dream is to help equip, empower and inspire members of the Constellation (yes, that’s you!) to share our approach with others easily and successfully. 

So... how will we do this?

Firstly, we build from what we have. There are so many instances where transfer is already occurring, all around the world. To capture this, I’d like to create a map which shows the kinds of transfer that is occuring. In particular, where new partnerships have arisen, and what led to them. I will be reaching out to those with experience to learn from them. Is this you? If so, let me know. I’ll need lots of help.

Secondly, we keep it simple. As we know, Transfer can be done in many ways. Sometimes an outsider may observe a the change that is happening within a community, and wants to find out more. A casual conversation is often what leads to a deeper discussion. Our personal experiences give us authenticity. Our passion is infectious. Anyone can do transfer and it doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, every time you share about SALT or a story on local responses you are transferring. 

Thirdly, we equip ourselves. Taking a casual conversation to the next level often requires tools - concept notes, proposals, presentations etc. There are lessons-learned from past experience which will be very useful. So, once we have a map of transfer and a team of experienced people, we’ll start building on our existing tools and resources to make sure all of us are equipped. 

Finally - the other T in SALT... we work as a Team. Over the coming months, we will re-invigorate the Transfer Team to celebrate successes, discuss challenges and share experience. Together all members of the Constellation can be Equipped, Empowered and Inspired to do transfer!

If you’d like to be part of the 2012 Transfer Team, or contribute your ideas, please contact Olivia Munoru; as soon as possible!


Please also contribute to this week's discussion on Transfer!

Big thanks, asante, terima kasih, merci, спасибо!


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