(After attending a lecture of  Rituu b. Nanda )




        1. Mrs. RUPINDER KAUR….   Assistant Director Planning (Posted at Govt. Medical College, Jammu)

      2. Mr. CHANCHAL KUMAR ….Assistant Director Planning (Posted at DSEO’s office Rajouri)   

      3. Mr. MUNISH SHARMA………Assistant Director Planning (Posted at Command Area Jammu)

       4. Mr. BILAL RASHID……        Assistant Director Planning (Posted at Health & FW Dept. Rajouri.)   

1.  Subordinate staff to be given due importance so that they deliver their best in their work. They be appreciated as per their capabilities .Giving a patient hearing to their problems and helping them wherever possible in the best possible way.

2. Whenever people from different villages come to us , we sometimes don’t listen them which hurt them a lot. But on applying SALT, General public shall be given patient hearing and wherever possible they must be helped. They may be facilitated with humble tongue, even sometimes out of way help be also provided with in limits.

3. On applying SALT, we can  Boost the morale of the subordinates/family members//persons working in and around,  by endorsing responsibilities upon them  for delivering efficiently…………. just by use of smiling nature.

4. Usually when we go in the field for evaluation of various schemes, people don’t cooperate, so by applying SALT, better feedback from the public can be taken and Evaluation  could be made better.



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Comment by Autry Haynes on June 30, 2014 at 7:28pm

We did SALT with a group from Trinidad which included two government ministers among other government officials and cso/ngo. The goal was to explore opportunities for collaboration for government and cso/ngo to jointly address hiv/aids in Trinidad. SALT was also applied wih fire and prison officials aimed at improving working in a more 'humane' way for the benefit of the community the serve.

Comment by Bilal Rashid Mir on June 29, 2014 at 11:32am
Thanx TRICIA...for encouragement...
Comment by Bilal Rashid Mir on June 29, 2014 at 11:29am
Plz ...Share ur stories...
Comment by Tricia Francis on June 29, 2014 at 12:57am

We have shared SALT to a few government officers before and they were very inspired and enthusiastic to apply the CLCP within their respective offices,

But first to be able to work with any Government workers we had to seek permission from their senior management and that sometimes take time to get an approval, but knowing the benefits of sharing SALT makes you patient but persistent :)

I can recall having the opportunity to Share SALT to one department in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the staff that works directly with the Minister .One of their main concerns was communication and at the end of sharing SALT they said how easier it felt to be a TEAM and to be able to communicate and respect each other and their opinions even though they have different responsibilities and positions Mir Bilal said, “TO WORK LIKE HUMAN"


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