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We conducted Salt activity with waste picker women at Sangli. many women participated enthusiastically One of them, a woman named ABC, seemed very strong and brave. She shared her story with us. Her husband left her when she was a child. As her husband left, she did not give up. She decided to live stubbornly and raise her daughter. She got the job and She became financially capable so she did not fall at any situation in educating and raising her daughter. Adhika’s dream is to educate her daughter and make her self-reliant. Here I briefly share Adhika's story.

ABC's husband had left her when their daughter was 7 years old. He returned after 7 years but, she can't love him anymore and she doesn't trust him because He left her alone for his own pleasure at that time he didn’t think about Adhika and their daughter. Now Adhika lives with her husband but she can’t give him respect and love. She decided to stay with him only for her daughter because she wanted her daughter to be loved by her father. ‘I will not treat him badly because he has treated me badly." Adhika follow this principle. And this is her strength.

As a woman, she does not want any woman to suffer the same fate that is her strong will so every time she support women and She is always ready to help any woman in need.

A woman named XYZ lives in Sangli. Her husband has died. She has suffered from paralysis 3 times. So she was mentally very disturbed. At that time Adhika helped her a lot Mentally strengthen her, Gave strength to live, Give her the strength to stand on own feet. Few years ago lalbee was completely desperate but when Adhika support her she has fully recovered today. She is living her life very happily and she has taken a approach from the Adhika that, You do not want to be frustrated at any situation, you must be fight with that situation.

Because of our SALT activity, XYZ was able to free her mind. lalbee said about Salt Activity : “in my whole life Someone asked me what is in my mind and I got to express my feelings so I feel very free and today I am so happy.”


During SALT conversation with waste pickers I noticed that they have a strong determination to realize their dream. they also help and support each other. Though are uneducated but they dream for their children that they get educated. They have had many hardships in life, they deal with their problems bravely but never give up. They are very strong. Women in Satara are very clear that girls should not be married early but want all their daughters to get educated, they know the harmful practice. I learned from Satara women that in-spite of difficult life they remain happy. they are not educated, whatever they have experienced they want to be self-reliant and do not want to be reliant on others, I liked this very much.

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