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For this sharing of SALT Mirror, I would be starting with our understanding on “Local Response”, sharing of my experience during a support group and how I supported it.


Local Response believes the community has the strengths to utilize and exchange resources, to address and responses to community problems.  

One of the mother, Mdm L took the initiative to connect members from her neighbourhood to share and to learn from one another.



•           She invited mothers from her neighbourhood whom she felt would benefit from the support group

•           Explained about the objective of the group and brainstormed with them on the venue (A place within their community) for the session. Decision was made to hold the session at Community Centre (CC)

•           She got in touch with the CC and managed to book a room for the session for Free of charge

•           She collated the details of the mothers and children attending the session for follow-up

•           Mdm L made an introduction to the CC In-Charge with the Community Workers present


During the session

•           She co-facilitated the session. One of the highlight of the session was when Mother R shared her financial concerns and lack of educational support for her children, Mdm L provided information on the tuition programme that has been functioning in their neighbourhood. In addition, shared contact details on the agency to contact for her financial difficulties


Post Session

•           After the session, she gathered feedback which led them to have the next session at the bowling centre. She continues to actively play her role as the leader of the support group.

Mdm L was supported her by:

•            provided briefing that allowed her to have better understanding on the objectives of the support group and her role as a co-facilitator

•           After the session, Mdm L was asked about her thoughts / feedback about her overall efforts

•           Her contributions were appreciated and affirmed


This explanation might seem detailed. But wanted to highlight the tiny steps Mdm L took which eventually led to the functioning of the support group. At time, the focus would be more on the result of a session/ programme failing to celebrate little efforts that the service user plays as a member of their community. Thank You.


That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Neil Armstrong

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Comment by Jean-Louis Lamboray on September 27, 2012 at 7:43pm

Yes Najma, 

the steps may seem tiny, but they end up unleashing wonderful potential!

Many thanks for your attention to detail



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