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The National Learning Event: 15-17 Feb 2011, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The National learning event was held on 15 to 17 February 2011 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The main aims of the National Learning Event were to share the concepts of Human Capacity for Response and the AIDS Competence Process to the implementing NGO’s and their community to share and learn from our various experiences of implementing the processes and approach. There 58 participants from 28 NGO around Cambodia had share and learn around different ways of thinking and working, in particular an understanding of Human Capacity Development for Response concepts and the AIDS Competence Process. The participants was discussed and learnt new methods and tools including SALT visits, AAR, AIDS Competence self-assessment, Self-measurement of progress, facilitator’s personal  assessment,

On the day 1 of the event, the Cambodia AIDS Competence Team had a meeting with the International Coaching and prepared the event and   to prepare their posters depicting the following component of CLCP Process and opening program of the National Learning Event to build NGO capacity to develop AIDS competence process in Cambodia with key stakeholders including government agencies and NGOs for power of appreciation.

The out come of the event and its continuation to sharing, learning and applying lessons learned with key stakeholders including government agencies, NGOs and community people who have participated in the project activities. The participants have been learning from What we have done to get into Action. Reflection session with the Cambodian AIDS Competence Team in order to reflect to every community has the capacity to respond to life issues, to envision and to act. Facilitators of the Cambodian AIDS Competence Team discover and reveal strengths which communities themselves might not realize, by asking appreciative questions. We call this mode of interaction with communities ‘SALT’: Stimulate Appreciate, Listen, Learn and Transfer.


The overall of the National Learning Event, Vichet, executive director of CHED and hosted of Community Life Competence Process had provide a briefing the outputs of the event for a whole 3 days long and then he had given his regard to thank you to all participants who stay until the end of the event with good output from the discussion. Special thanks to the Cambodia AIDS Competence Team (CAC Team) that working very hard to organize this important event and thanks to The Constellation and ADB-NGO Partner for supporting financial for operation of the National Learning Event.

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Comment by Vichet LOK on February 17, 2011 at 9:01pm

Dear Gaston,


As you aware, we had announce openly for NGO who are interested in join this event they can register through our mail, through HACC and Medicam. I had conducted a presentation about the ACP concept at Medicam meeting in Jan 2011 and I had conducted a presentation at HACC in Oct 2010. During the presentation we did talked about the National Learning event and NGO seem very interested then they apply for the event with the supported from The Constellation and ADB-NGO Partner.


Actually, The National Learning Event had be come the training event after new people come and they all interested in learning the ACP concept. It was good to transfer and share the ACP to NGO new and they can be able to share with other. We will do much better than this time and we will help improve our ability and skills in facilitation and organization of the event.

Comment by Gaston on February 17, 2011 at 8:05pm

Thank you Vichet. That sounds really interesting. 58 participants from 28 NGOs is not a bad score! Two questions:

1. To what extent did organisations find it practical and useful for their own context? Are there specific organisations that were open to jointly explore a process with your/ Constellation support? 

2. What did you learn in terms of transferring the approach to so many new people? What went well, what would you do differently next time? 

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