Hi all,

Last month, Pontianak Salt Team visited Singkawang Salt Team. Singkawang took 3 hours trip by car from Pontianak. We are about 15 peoples in 2 cars.

The meeting started by having lunch together in the atmosphere of familiness. After lunch we shared each other. We shared about our family and also work, particularly experiences from the field. There were 2 new boys, youth, from KPA Pontianak who were very enthusiastic to be involved in this even. They are new field staff of KPA. They are Rio & Reddy.

At the end of the 2nd day before we leave each other, these 2 boys shared with us about what they feel during the event. They were really impressed on sharing session. In this session they feel being respected, because when they're talking, others were listening. And because of that, they feel free to share and braver than before. Before this event they almost never got a chance to talk much, to express their experiences. They even felt very comfortable to tell us all that they're MSM, feels like we're all an old friend that just met after a long time. They putted a trust on all of us. In fact, they just met most of us a day before.

They also reflected that listening was very important. So sharing and listening are two things that must be exist together.

I'm feeling happy on their changes.

I share this stories because I inspired by Olivia's blog. In other word (borrowing Phill's pattern): I read/hear stories from others then I inspired (to share).

Thank you, Liv ...


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Comment by chandra nurhasz on September 7, 2010 at 7:11am
Thanks Lawan, your explanation below is very clear for me. Sometime we forget about how important and how beautiful is the listening.
Each S A L T is connected each other.
Comment by Lawan Vejapikul on September 6, 2010 at 4:56pm
Thanks Chandra for a great story which made me miss all of our friends in Indonesia especially Pontianak and Singkawang : )

I totally agree with you about "Listening" because this is why "L" is one of the important elements in "SALT"

For me, "Listening" is the most simple way to start the practicing "SALT as a way of working"

When you "Listen" you are also showing your "Appreciation" by paying your "Attention" to the speaker which can give a very good "Support" to the speaker to feel more confidence that their story is interesting enough to be able to catch the attention of the listeners.

While "Listening", you probably also have some questions and by "Asking" questions to clarify your understanding and to be able to "Share" your ideas and your experiences to contribute to the discussion can also "Stimulate" the speaker to "Talk" and to "Share" more...... "from the heart" when they feel "Trustable" and comfortable from a safety environment that you have just created with all the elements in "SALT" that you've just used during the discussion. From this environment, both you and the speaker will be able to "Learn" from each other from your both "Sharing". Then from this "Learning", you both will be able to "Transfer" what you have "Learn" to your own communities/contexts or even be "Transformed" by "Learning" during the discussion with both sides of "Listening" and "Sharing". And hopefully, the "Learning" by "Listening" to someone's story together with "Sharing" yours ideas and experiences may leads to some "Actions" to response to the issue that you've discussed as well.


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