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The journey of 'paradigm shift' towards climate resilience

Progressing from the envisioning session: ....residence of Mainstay / Whyaka #CFLI were engaged in a three-day event specifically on climate change and shade house as one mitigation effort.

The initial training event was facilitated with support from the National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute [NAREI] on the following subject areas:

  1. Climate SMART agriculture
  2. Introduction to cost of production calculation
  3. Chives production
  4. Eschalot production
  5. Peppers production
  6. Cauliflower production
  7. Post harvest management of red beans
  8. Good Agricultural Practices

Production of these crops under shade house would be in a value chain production to meet demands of the village school feeding program and that of the resort in the village.

Following the event a reflection on what the event meant for participants revealed their takeaways.

Pest and disease importance and cost of production were the main takeaways from the three days event. Note that the pest and disease was a part of the Good Agricultural Practices, integrated pest management. In terms of the future participants felt that getting practical experience, getting more villagers, especially youths and having more time for interactive engagement would help. There were three specific intentions as revealed:

“start my own garden” “share knowledge with my mother who has a vegetable garden”

“try planting a small kitchen garden and extend with proper experience”. 

Mr. Barlow of NAREI engages participants

Participants paying keen attention on the cost of production tabulation 

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