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HI All this is a very useful document for communities and has worked well I believe in Africa - worth sharing with Aids Comeptence members here online



The Strategies for Hope Trust is delighted to announce the availability of
'Stepping Stones PLUS', a supplement to the 'Stepping Stones' workshop
manual originally published in 1995.

'Stepping Stones PLUS' consists of numerous new exercises for existing
sessions, and new sessions to follow the completion of the original
workshop. These are designed to promote a whole-community response to the
HIV epidemic through appropriate care and support, and the involvement of
HIV-positive people in all aspects of programmes.

As with the original manual, 'Stepping Stones PLUS' addresses the issues of
gender and generation, but also focuses on additional issues, including safe
motherhood with discordant couples, male circumcision, the female condom,
voluntary and confidential counselling and testing, and other related
issues. It presents a comprehensive approach to both the containment of HIV
and to love, care, treatment and support of everyone with HIV in a

'Stepping Stones PLUS' is available only as a pdf file, either on CD or
online; it is not available as a hard copy. It can be ordered from TALC
either online ( or by email (

Organisations in developing countries that cannot afford to purchase
'Stepping Stones PLUS' may request a free copy from the Strategies for Hope
Trust ( Please introduce your organisation, and
describe your activities, the groups with whom you work and how you plan to
use 'Stepping Stones PLUS'. Please mention also which information and
training materials on HIV, gender and related issues you currently use.

Publication details: 'Stepping Stones PLUS', by Alice Welbourn, Florence
Kilonzo, TJ Mboya and Shoba Mohamed Liban; 140 pages; published 2008 by
Strategies for Hope Trust; ISBN 978-1-905746-09-5.

Glen Williams
Series Editor
Strategies for Hope Trust

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Comment by Gaston on February 25, 2009 at 12:00pm
Thank you Greg. I looked intensively into Stepping Stones before and it's being applied also in PNG (where I am currently at). They certainly use some great elements which we (have already) and can learn from. Their exercises are innovative and really bottom-up. It's always a pleasure to explore approaches with at least a similar mindset.

From implementing partners that have used both Stepping Stones and ACP (like Burnett Institute in PNG), we did get feedback that ACP turned out to be more suitable to go to scale, had a strong focus on strengths and had a simple, but complete process. However, we recognise also that we still need to improve to get ACP really spread country-wide. Some countries have applied it at scale successfully (Mali, Togo). Our next effort to cover most of DR-Congo will start this year.....We'll keep you posted!

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