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SALT Training with Anganwadi Worker's

We started informing them about SALT. Shahrukh explained CLCP to them and then I discussed it. I tell them you think about your village's children and draw a picture of your dream belonging to your village children. You don’t think about questions like roads, water, electricity etc. Everyone was given time to think about this dream.

After some time we asked each of them about their dream, some common dream came out from everyone. It is as follows –

1) Children should respect their parents. Children should not argue with parents and should respect elders.

2) Children should not get addicted

3) Good citizens should be prepared.

4) Every boy in the village should respect women.

5) Children who go out for jobs after higher education should not only think about themselves but also look after the village. Attention should be paid to how the village will progress.

6) Adolescents should be mobilized and various activities should be conducted for them. So that there will be equality between men and women.

7) Women should always stand with men and not stand behind them.

etc. Common answers were heard from all Anganwadi sevaka.

After this we asked them who should try for this? They replied that all this should be done by the school. Then I asked them why we always depend on school, government even though we have potential? Why can't we do something ourselves? Have you thought about this? Everyone sat quietly and thought about it. After some time they said that it should start from home first and then we can expect from schools, Gram Panchayats. We Appreciated this answer and rated the dreams they saw. Everyone honestly agreed that we were all on Level One to complete our dream for our village children. So we stopped on the note that let's work together and strive for change.

After all the discussions Jayshree took AER, we asked him, what did you like best about today's meeting? And what could have been better?

1) Everyone replied that it was great to discuss such a topic.

2) Some more well educated, good thinking people of the village should also have joined today's discussion.

Gram Panchayat members were also involved in today's meeting. When we asked a question, to her about dream regarding the village she said, "I had a dream from a long time ago that something should be done for the children of the village beyond roads, lights, water etc. But I did not get anyone's support. Today I believe that my dream will come true through you. And for this I will also try to raise this issue in the Gram Panchayat meeting as well."

We felt very proud after hearing this.

After completing all these procedures, we took a selfie and completed the training. This training is fully supervised by Kaushalya.

bolg by Imran with Support Kaushalya, Shahrukh & Jayshri.

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