Title : SALT mitigate the burden of pain

A proud true story from the life of 28 years old married man who had struggle and worked as cow boy during his childhood stage. 

Hi everyone, I’m Sanjay Lohara. I work with Rural Aid NGO with support from Global Fund for Children is in Alipurduar District, Kalchini Block, State of West Bengal, India. We work in the tea gardens on the issue of trafficking and child labour. We recently started using SALT in our work. Here is story from my SALT visit in blog.

This is true story proud of 28 years old married man, also one of my friend who had struggle and worked as cow boy during his childhood stage. In his family, he lived with his father and mother and four brothers, out of four brothers he was the younger son in his family. It was a time of his childhood when he was 6 years old, he was taken to Ranchi by his uncle for studies but over there he was not admission for studies instead his uncle used to give him a work to look after the cow for 5 years. After many years passed by, his mother started to love and missed him and took decision to bring him back to home. When her mother came back to bring his son, she saw her son (him) in worst condition where her son was doing work as a cow boy in his uncle home, after seeing him in that state, she was in heavy heart and start weeping from her eyes. From the very next day, she took her son (him) back to home and admission him in 5th standard at age of 10 years for studies. After he completed 10th standard, he applied for defence (Army) and got a job and look after his family with happily.

His Strengths:

  • Courage and determination to do anything
  • Encourage others
  • Empathy 
  • Desire for studies 
  • Supportive for his family.

As results, when I ask him, how he feels right now? He said that he was now quite relieved after sharing the pain which he didn’t share to any of his friend’s circle. After listen his story, literally I felt sad with pain that he has lost childhood stage of playing as like others child.

The most beautiful line by him; in SALT conversation, he said that “ I don’t want to see any children to faces such situation like me.” And want to encourage and provide support to those children who are in need of help for studies in his village. 

Through this SALT conversation, we have built good relationship within us. With this SALT, we are now able to analysis our self that there are many person to whom we still didn’t touch and know their emotion and pain, where they kept as burden in their heart. So in this regards, we should reach and touch those persons and feel him/her in comfort zone through SALT method. By doing this it helps to create a warmth relationship as well as lead us towards sustainable community. 

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on November 24, 2021 at 10:02pm

Wonderful Sanjay!  Thank you so much for sharing


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