One night I sat in front of my most treasured toy, the computer, staring, wondering how do I incorporate the ways of thinking and the ways of working of community life competence into my work, my home life, my life as is.

How to make this link , and keep CLC real and alive, the living breathing body of knowledge that it is?

Then Rituu popped up on Skype. WE exchanged a few thoughts then she asked me  for my feedback on ning and what I would like to see there , of course what was swimming in my mind came spewing out like a pregnant volcano…… I said  to her, “I have only just completed blended learning and my work has jetted off, now I do not have so much free time, to do facilitations in the community, I would like to know how do we keep CLC real, alive and integrate it into life?

Then..the discourse that followed was like a pinch in the rear for me.... nothing short of a miracle, what an AHA moment it was for me!

I realized that YES !  YES!  YES!  bien sûr!  I am living CLC!!

I have been using my knowledge of LISTENING in a very active, alive and on purpose way in my life, I have been transformed, well I used to do a lot of talking , yes just yap yap yap yapping all the time.... now I am able to consciously  LISTEN . This way of listening has enabled me to relate , to connect and to respond in ways beyond my wildest a SUPPORTive and loving way, one which is much better way old way.I felt like I had discovered something very precious! yet another AHA moment!!! 

For example, I have been facilitating sessions on Stigma , Discrimination and Human Rights with various groups. The knowledge to be shared is the same , yet I found myself doing each session differently, for instance the session with a group of Youths, was highly interactive and I was somehow able to turn what would be mundane boring activities in the eyes of Youth into games. We had FUN and most importantly the knowledge was TRANSFERRED in a way that was applicable to their needs...and this happened only because I was tuned in and LISTENING with my heart , not just my ears. If I must admit, which I am willing to stake , this kinda happened, I found that once I was there ...then something blossomed and was expressed in this way, like never before, even though it was the same activity!

Once again I was  reminded, what I recognised very early in blended learning, this approach is connected intimately to our journey. This is a spiritual experience or for those who are not comfortable with that term, then it's a breakdown, a change of what is seemingly there.

To me, .we are like farmers, planting seeds …..then with the right conditions ( all the processes in the approach) , the plant grows and blossoms into fragrant flowers or nourishing fruits....or what we call LOCAL ACTION

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on May 4, 2012 at 5:46pm

You might like to connect with Marilyn from Singapore, a young, beautiful friend like you who too has a written  a blog on CLCP and life. Here is her blog

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on May 4, 2012 at 5:40pm

I am happy to see you share how CLCP can be applied both in our work and personal life. I feel its like a meditation which one needs to practise. Its not easy but with postings like yours it give us strength to continue. Thanks sister.


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