1. Dream Building provides a guidance,a pathway to what we want to achieve 

2. Dream Building provides a tool for measurement, measuring where we are to where we want to go, and assessing what we need to get there

3. Provides us with a sense of knowing when we get there , achieve the DREAM 

4. Because it is MY dream , I will be naturally inclined to take responsibility and OWNERSHIP for it.It belongs to me. 

5. When we share our dreams with others,as we did in the exercise(dream building in a small community) , first we become aware of it, as more that just thoughts....swimming around in our heads...then when others hear it, it may inspire them, or it may be similar to theirs and so we build a support network...right there...just like that...and with the excitement, ,motivation mounts and soon it's on the way to becoming a REALITY! *_* Before we know everyone is running around getting things done to make it REAL!

6. When this happens, now we really want to OWN it.. the DREAM is beginning to blossom and we all want to be part of something beautiful and productive and thus will firmly commit to seeing it through. *_*

7. Drawing or writing about our DREAM, helps us to organise the gazillion thoughts flying through our helps us to clearly see and decide what it is that is coming up and out. This activity helps us to ourselves..quite beautiful! 

8. Dreams gives us better vision for a better future 

9. When we dream, we feel appreciated, we sense our strengths and ..we gain confidence .. we believe in our own convictions, we commit and are passionate about our causes and the " VISIONARY " in us soon gets birthed! Now we are unstoppable! 


Being trained to see strengths can sometimes take away from that pragmatic approach that is needed.So I am struggling to find a few cons here *_* 

1. Well I can say we have to be careful not to become "airy fairy"

2. Drawing it or writing it can restrict us at times, as we want to stick to "what" is there rather than it be a guide, so we become inflexible and stuck in the box.

3. We can become Egotistical when our dreams blossom or during the process of it becoming a can become ugly! 

4.We can hold on too tightly to "OUR" dream, being POSSESSIVE and not being open to receiving the SUPPORT from others 

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