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Pinoy Competence’s thousand flowers are blooming!

“ Gaya ng walis tingting….kung nag-iisa lang…walang tibay at hindi makakapaglinis….pero kung pinagsama-sama…mas matibay… mas may gamit!”      (Just like a broom stick….alone…there is no use , it’s weak….but put several together and bind it…it becomes stronger at it becomes useful!), that’s how a peasant leader’s wife described themselves and what they are doing in their search for justice and food security.  

The SALT visit that I joined together with the other members of the group to a peasant farmers’ community in Tungkong Mangga , made me aware of some other stark realities other than HIV AIDS that I have been working with for years now. That “secluded community” might not even have heard of some other issues…..but the issues on land conversion, modernization, land grabbing, death threat and eviction are part of their daily existence.

The strength of the people comes from among themselves….joining together in claiming their Right For their land. ….the issue on land and food security surpasses gender concerns…Men and women, young and old people alike joined us in the morning worship…The belief that God provides for all is so much alive in the communities.


The whole workshop in itself made me appreciate bringing the traditional type of Learning the lecture type- (experts on several issues presented thru slidePresentations) and the challenge of bridging that gap….learner-expert milieu…thus,We came up with using the ”marketplace” approach…allowing the participatoryInteraction between the “experts” and the participants.

The workshop on Food Justice in Asia that brought together25 religious leaders from9 Asian countries in Manila, Philippines allowed them to resonate with storiesShared and captured on video. Stories that made the dreams vibrant, enrich byHuman experiences from the communities we have visited and the “experts”Who did not share their own story but stayed with the participants to enrich theirDreams.Pinoy Competence’s thousand flowers are blooming! Not only in the 3 islands of the Philippines…now it’s scent reaches the neighboring Asian countries!


[PinoyCompetence consists of individuals and nongovernment organizations who believe in the strengths of individuals and communities to stimulate, motivate, and support communities to address issues and concerns on HIV/AIDS in the Philippines. They play a facilitating role in putting in place a national structure and a National Support Team (NST) that propagate the Community Life Competence Process (CLCP) at the national, regional, local, and community levels. The Center for Environment and Sustainable Development Foundation, Inc. (CESD) serves as the host for the national support team. Three staff members serve as focal points for regional clusters and learning hubs, and a growing group of facilitators]




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