People Living with HIV Self-Assessment for AIDS Competence

The People Living with HIV Self- Assessment was very inspiring. Their were so much stories and great dreams sheared on how person have overcome the problems to have great strengths today which was a learning experiences for the other members of the group. The assessment showed how the community felt base on their strengths and we were able to zoom in on what was right and how we can move as a group. Conversations were stimulated on how people living with HIV act or react to various situations and also their health and family rations, persons were salted (meaning persons Sheared and Supported each other; listened, Learned and linked situations; appreciate values,acted as one as a team and by doing SAL lots were transferred in different ways) within the group in many ways. I look forward to working on the actions especially to create a coalition of persons living with HIV, who give support to CSO's, National AIDS Programme, the UN system and support groups in various areas such as linking care and prevention, gender mainstreaming and positive prevention, most importantly a Coalition or Network that takes Leadership on AIDS response at the community level and mobilize resources for the Persons Living with HIV community to be self sustainable. Will update more later on how where we at and what we have been doing since i have more SALT to used with all the communities (sexual and gender minorities, young people, faith leaders and people living with HIV) i work and associated with. In my work for this year i will be using SALT to create a Young Sexual and Gender network in Guyana. Which will be to support and empowder thsi community for their development and livelihoods.

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Comment by Korey Anthony Chisholm on February 9, 2010 at 7:34pm
Greetings Marijo and Laurence, Thanks for the comments and also look forward for you support in the process. I am a fast learner and also i am quit to action that's how i like to think of my self. sometimes we wait too long and on funds to get simple things done when we can make great change if we use Care as the base for what we do things will be different. I plan to used salt as a tool for community development and mobilization with the sexual and gender minorities and young people in Guyana and the Caribbean
Comment by MariJo on February 9, 2010 at 4:26pm
Hi Korey,
It is so good to hear you talking about the inspiration you got from the Self-Assessment! I really feel moved by the ways towards spreading your activities to help other and all that energy that I can perceive in your message.
But most of all, I appreciate your capacity to listen to what the people had to said and how you react immediately to that inspiration. It is impressive how you translate the emotion of the moment into planning for the future.
I would very much like to hear more about your SALTy work.
Thank you for sharing with us all the tremendous ammount of confidance you have on community strengths.
Comment by Laurence Gilliot on February 9, 2010 at 1:37pm
Dear Korey,

Thanks so much for sharing :-) A big smile on my face this morning!
What inspires me in your message is that you want to create a coalition of PLHIV who gives support to... In many places, networks of PLHIV do a lot of advocacy to be supported by society. But you want to help... And this shows that you truly realize your own strengths, your own potential, your important role in society.
Thank you for that.



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