Patients respond to diabetes and hypertension: what has helped?

I am working with NGO MAMTA for healthrise program supported by ABT associates and funded by Medtronic philanthropy.Through SALT and CLCP we are trying to motivate patients to respond to hypertension and diabetes. I saw the following changes after CLCP in Patient Support Group (PSG) in Village Khatnol, Himachal, India.
7 patients in the Patient Support Group now regularly get their health check up done and take medicine. During SALT meeting they had got to know that a doctor was now available at nearby Primary Health Centre (PHC) at Jawaharnagar. This meeting not only provided them  information but also made them realise that they themselves had to go and get their check ups regularly.
One patient supports another patient
One female diabetic patient had attended the SALT meeting and liked the conversation. For dream building she got another lady who had similar symptoms as hers. After the meeting, the first lady offered to take the second lady for screenig at PHC and who was later diagnosed with diabetes.
Stakeholder supports patient
Sheela, the ASHA (health) worker in the village as part of PSG action plan now encourages patients and new ones for check up at PHC.

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Comment by Virender Thakur on August 28, 2018 at 5:17pm

Thank you sir

Comment by Phil on August 24, 2018 at 1:14pm

It is one thing for someone to take action for their own well being. It is a big step when someone helps another person to take action for their well being. Change is beginning to happen. Well done, Virender. 



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