Patients and community started taking small actions~

I am working with NGO MAMTA for healthrise program supported by ABT associates and funded by Medtronic philanthropy.Through SALT and CLCP we are trying to motivate patients to respond to hypertension and diabetes.

In MC area ,Theog ,Himachal,Republic of IndiaPatient Support Group(PSG) members has begun to take actions for healthier lives.

Regular checkup and medication~patients were not regular in getting their checkup and did not take their medicine regularly.But now after the discussions through CLCP they have begun to go for check up twice a month and regularly take their medication.

Exercise(morning walks)~one patient(deep ram) who has high BP used to go for a walk.In July after the action plan,he has encouraged his wife who has diabetes,children and other friends to go for daily walks with him.He has sent a picture of his friend with him going for a walk.

Safe drinking water~people use filters but still falling sick.this was discussed in the action planning session and now some patients,stakeholders and retired health worker have begun to boil filtered to ensure that no one fall sicks especially as it is monsoon season.

Thank you~

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Comment by Rajender Bragta on August 13, 2018 at 9:40am

Great Work Dear Prinkal in Your blog picture these person are regularly attend the NCDs camp at civil hospital Theog.


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