Passing on the SALT to Renaissance Group and Mahebourg community

Simultaneous stimulation. 

Renaissance is one of the Mauritius Drug platform members. They are actively involved in the Platform actions. Over the last two months, Constellation Coaches have been simultaneous stimulating the Platform, Platform members to begin to integrate SALT/CLC in their context. Over the last 2  months period Coaches have been visiting (through invitation) platform members to learn and appreciate the work they do. As part of platform level process facilitation - strengths based way of working, varied excitement has been generated.Renaissance, among others invited the team to explore together how to best integrate CLC/SALT in their Context. 

"We are ready, we can even start next week, '' reflected Bianca.

first step to get started

Through the invitation of the team of 6 including the president of the NGO, we began by exploring SALT in the context of home, to strengthen our behavior in line with SALT during practical field experience, and further exploring more avenues for practicing SALT in our daily life. Three key opportunities were identified to get us going: In our own families, work place and Communities. 

To follow up to the plan, the Renaissance invited the Constellation for a follow up visit on 23 April, 2014. The host team organised 3 home visits. Part of the organization members could not join during the visit but were readily available and willing to prepare and debrief on the visit together. 

SALT opens more windows: - more invitations, stirs up curiosity, willingness to participate with others, to include other family members during the next visit,,,,,

"what is happening to that home you are visiting, may be we have missed some thing, could we know also,we can help too.....oh yes, could you also come and visit us . we are next door", Neighbor in Mahebourg Community

" we need to follow up the 3 invitation we got today. We can revisit the same homes but also we can go to the new homes invited. We are now getting more invitations," Brigitte - Renaissance.

" My son used to take all his money out there for drugs. That's how he could spend his income. Today he brings the money he earns back to the family. He his helping his elder brother to support the family. The whole family is glad that he has gotten out of drugs and he is doing well with his Methadone treatment plan. He goes to work every day" Mama *Saraih - Mahebourg community. 

"The reflections are so good that we hope all of us can join. 1st of may is a good time, when all of us are off duty, at least to participate in these visits'', observed the NGO president.


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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on April 20, 2016 at 6:14pm

Hi Onesmus, how did home visit help you in this example? thanks


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