Our way of thinking, trying to put this into words.At the end of this Chapter we were asked for our input,there are a few things I would say differently ...I would say ...

we are all learning, growing and changing.... continuously 

The capacity continues to be revealed and nurtured.

My thinking: 

We are right where we need to be in any given moment. There are several things going on here, first, whatever our situation, personal or in the community we need to have reflected upon it, see it as IS and ACCEPT the situation/s  or people as they are.

We must first surrender to what is happening, doing this is nothing short of a "miracle" ... somehow we find that the confidence in our own strengths, abilities, and wisdom to continue the journey is magnified.


This assists us greatly on our journey forward! Much like a catapult.

As facilitators, we are to accompany them (the community ) on their journey. This resonates with me very deeply. What else to do, but be supportive, as each of us have our answers? This is much like when you would ask someone for advice on something, you better believe that even if hours are spent ...we will still do what is best for us! We take what is needed.

"The answers are within"! Yet, we seek outside "experts" for our answers, CLC is bringing us back to this ancient wisdom...to the path of going within!! 

After going through this chapter twice, I felt a rush of excitement...yes..both times..lol..I continue to reaffirm why I choose to go through this process...more and more I am of the conviction that this process, is a very spiritual one! In my mind and heart there is no doubt, as right from the beginning I was asked, Are we human?


In my Group's forum, Gaston has expanded very nicely on spirituality, which echoes what I believe and has added that, " Many refer to 'inspiration' which comes from the same word. Many people have certain connotations to this word spiritual. It is very different from religious. It's about our inner human potential and purpose and does not have to be vague."


And Michael finished what i started perfectly by saying," CLC brings us back to the place where it began, the place where ancient man treaded. We have the answers within us, it is just for us to find that path. I think that CLC help us to find that path."


Now I am going to cry...this is very beautiful! *_*


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Comment by Zenita Nicholson on November 6, 2011 at 12:58am

Dear Tricia, You are so spot on ! so SaltY!! you can never "go through" this course in a week or two....as it is  a journey , and journeys have no end....smile 

Comment by Zenita Nicholson on November 6, 2011 at 12:55am
Dear Tricia, it is amazing how SALT, brings awareness to our thinking and action, to think of it.... it is very much like a meditation! Being in a meditation all the time! WOW  and CONNECTING us to our self, which INSPIRES others, because we are in spirit and they naturally  connect ...I do not feel  that there is a more powerful beckon / call/ pull than this INSPIRATION ! <3<3<3
Comment by Zenita Nicholson on November 6, 2011 at 12:50am

Dear JL, you made me smile  *_* ! , what happens when communication gives way to communion? Beautifully, perfectly , practically put! ..........

Something that words cannot describe,...there are not enough words, or paper or talent to express this.....it is simply beyond what our minds can conceive, and perceive ........it can only be experienced and will always...always remain relevant and a beautiful mystery! I am moving myself here, my ...this is a first, and it is very enjoyable *_* Thank you <3 <3 <3

Comment by Zenita Nicholson on November 6, 2011 at 12:35am

Dear Autry, My journey is becoming more and more interesting! It is said that wherever you go, you will always carry YOU! So whatever you embrace will manifest *_* Last night I was out singing karaoke..and a song came up, by Alicia Keys "If I ain't got you"   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVHDwU4Mh1A  , (here I interpreted , YOU is SELF) *_* To me life is between the ears...lol ....our experiences directly depends on how we see / perceive things, this notion often amazes and amuses me ..as I stretch my mind a little more ...and a little more ..I can see the same mundane something...in new exciting ways...I am often stretched by other people's view as well, as sometimes I would never have thought of "it" quite in that way....it is said that,"the mind works like a parachute, only when it is opened" *_* This is very much a WOW experience and I have found that just being YOU, it all that is required, everything else falls into place, whatever that is..lol...we learn from each other by just being! Every being is born with that innate wisdom, so they KNOW  and that is what is INSPIRING ...if we take a closer look at this word INSPIRE...and break it down ...we will see ...IN   SPIRIT.... *_* .......... the possibilities are endless and though I often times say that I am resisting definition, I do admit that I am an optimistic possiblitarian ...lol and while I am being ME, which is the only thing I am EXPERT at  ...I am 100% committed to having FUN FUN FUN ...*_* 

Comment by Autry Haynes on November 5, 2011 at 5:00pm
Zenita, very much internatization! I like very much. The thought "I think that CLCP help us find that path" is with deep conviction that motivates Our Way of Thinking (WOT). Zenita when this begins to happen and the internalization begins to influence our minds, it plays on our emotions and attitude, hence WOW is positively influenced, don't you think? When our way of working (WOW), the way we do things becomes obvious then Behavior Change is happening in a positive way as well. The onus is now for us to be SALTy so that the community with whom we work could benefit. We have that GRAND opportunity to stimulate societal behavior change (^_^).
Comment by Tricia Francis on November 4, 2011 at 9:25pm

This was wonderful to read Zenita, and I know how you feel, because I felt that same way too and still do. If you can recall when you all were first introduced to Blended learning on day 1, I mentioned, that you can go through the course in a week or two, BUT when u really go through Blended Learning and read the stories and look at the videos over and over and answer the questions they ask, it makes you really understand the process clearly and you feel that connection, That HUMAN connection.

And I know that you would wish everyone could just experience this realization you felt, because I feel this way everyday… Thank you for this post Zenita and continue being SALTy!


Tricia <3

Comment by Jean-Louis Lamboray on November 4, 2011 at 2:30pm

Many thanks Zenita for your wonderful rendition of what remains a mystery: what is happening when communication gives way to communion?

Warm greetings  from Belgium



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